Rupert Ursin

Rupert Ursin (* 26. January 1973 in Salzburg) is a Austrian physicist.


2004 succeeded to R. To teleportieren Ursin as well as some colleagues for the first time outside of the laboratory a photon. They bridged a distance of 600 m from a side of the Danube on the other hand.

In an underground tunnel photons were teleportiert over a distance of 600m air line. Alice, so the name of the transmitter the Teleportation, is in a particularly established laboratory on the Danube island, in the pumping plant of the MA30 (municipal authorities department waste water of the city Vienna) on the height of Lobau. Bob, the receiver, waits in a small laboratory on the other side of the Danube in the Prater. The laboratories of the two are connected with a glass fiber and a microwave channel, which as data lines (quantum channel and classical channel) for the Teleportation serve.

Quantenteleportation über lange Distanzen
Quantenteleportation over long distances


  • R. Ursin et al. “Quantity Teleportation across the Danube”, [Nature, 430, 849 (2004)].

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