Rupert of being gene

Rupert of being gene (* around 712; † around 732 with being gene on the Rhine) is a German holy. He is patron of Bingen Bingerbrück and patron of the pilgrims. Its anniversary is the 15. May.

After the legend Rupert was born as a son of the heidnischen Robolaus and the Christian prince daughter Berta and educated after the death of the father of the nut/mother in the Christian sense. With 15 years it pilgerte to Rome. After its return to the homeland it let build on the Ländereien of its family churches and houses. It lived with its nut/mother on a mountain on the close bank in the proximity of the delta into the Rhine with being gene. It died with approximately 20 years at a fever illness and in the church was buried, which it and its nut/mother build there let had.

Hl. Hildegard of being gene, which admired Rupert and which probably on excessive quantities which is based Biografie Vita Sancti Ruperti wrote over its life, left this church to recondition and there their monastery built Rupertsberg.

In the dreissigjährigen war its Gebeine were brought to 1814 after Eibingen in Rhine gau, on the Rochusberg with being gene. Its arm becomes as part of the Eibinger Reliquienschatzes in the parish church “pc. Hildegard and pc. Johannes of the Täufer " in Eibingen in a gläsernen Reliquienschrank in the southern church ship keeps.

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