Rupie (Rupiah, Rupee, indication: ₨) is the name of the currencies of several countries:

term and history

the term „Rupie “deduce themselves from the old-Indian word rūp or rūpā with the meaning „silver “. The Sanskritwort rūpyakam (रूप्यकम्) means„Silver coin “. Therefore comes the derivative Rūpaya, which was used since 1540 for a silver coin by 178 gram. Originally the Rupie was divided into 16 Anna, 64 Paisa and 192 Pai.

historical currency

the Rupie was usual as term for the currency:

  • upthe soil today's India in the colonial territories of the following states:Denmark, France and Portugal; as well as as own Rupie in partial states such as z. B. Hyderabad
  • in Indian neighbour states such as Bhutan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan
  • in areas, those under English upper ruleby India from economical, like British East Africa, Sansibar and Persian Gulf in
  • German East Africa in
  • Italian Somaliland in
  • Indonesia at present the Japanese crew in 2 was steered. World war

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