Ruslana Lyschytschko

Ruslana Lyschytschko (Ukrainian РусланаЛижичко/Ruslana Lyschytschko; Russian РусланаЛыжичко/Ruslana Lyschitschko, after the English Transkription usually as Ruslana Lyzhychko and/or. Ruslana Lyzhichko written; * 24. May 1973 in Lemberg), Ukrainian singer, dancer, Produzentin and Komponistin.

Ruslana Lyschytschko is married since 1995 with the producer Alexander Ksenofontow. Together they operate the Studio Luxen since 1993, in which Filmtrailer for musical and radio Werbetrailer are manufactured.

Already as a child Ruslana in the group Orion sang, later in the child ensemble Smile. It studied at the conductor faculty of the Lemberger of conservatoire. It writes, composed and produces its songs themselves, likewise their music videos. In the year 1998 it had it into the Ukraine first successes with the Song Sunrise (Svitanok, Ukr), a relative to that successful music videogave, and the album A moment OF jump (Myt' vesny, Митьвесни, Ukr). In the year 1999 it participated in the filming of the Weihnachts musical The finally Christmas OF the 1990s (Ostanne rizdvo 90th), that with the Ukrainian honor Movie OF the Year mindfullybecame. The Ukrainian television shortens it for the personality of the yearly 2000. The very successful album game of thanks (Ukrainian дикітанці/Dyki Tanzi), which 2003 appeared, received as the first album at all in the Ukraine platinum for 100.000 sold copies; in a country with pronouncedMusi potash black market a considerable achievement.

Ruslana won the Eurovision Song Contest 2004 in Istanbul with the title game of thanks with 280 points. It received points from 34 of the 36 participant countries. The Song uses motives from the folklore of the Huzulen - group of peoples from the Karpaten. Itnot by a public interlocutory decision, but by an internal jury of the Ukrainian television station NTU for the participation in Eurovision was selected the Song Contest. The Song was originally meant for an album of the same name, became however because of the abundance of the material on (at the time planned)Album game of thanks 2 shifted. On the stage it became in Istanbul of the Ukrainian ballet Schyttja (ukrain. Життя) supports.

Ruslana is one of the symbol figures of the oranges revolution in the year 2004. It has itself after the election frauds with the presidency election as one firstincorporated into the democracy movement in favor of Wiktor Juschtschenkos and as a symbol of the modern Ukraine one understands.

With the Ukrainian parliamentary elections in the March of the yearly 2006 she will be candidate for Juschtschenkos a party.

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