Russian realm

coat of arms of the Russian realm

Russian realm (Russian: Rossijskaja Imperija, РоссийскаяИмперия) was the 1721 of Peter the large one imported name for a state, which covered far parts of the northern Eurasien. To its rule area belonged beside today's Russia and the territories of the later Soviet Union temporarily also Finland, the largest part of Poland, the northeast of Turkey, Alaska and some areas in California. About half of its inhabitants were Russians. The Russian realm existed up to the Russian revolution of 1917.

meaningthe state State of

the new national name „for Rossija “/„Россия “like also the state name derived from it „Rossijskaja Imperija “stand by program for from Peter I. hit course of the Verwestlichung. The national name „Rossija “should replace the older references to the rule things of the Rus, in its follow-up itself Muscovites the realmhad seen. Also the use from latin „Imperija took “- the ruler called himself now no longer „Zar “, but „Imperator “- stood for the modernity aimed at by Peter in accordance with condition of the Western European absolutism.

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