Ruth offering hard

Ruth offer-hard, born Lehmann (* 11. January 1920 in Berne), is Swiss a lady journalist, an authoress and a teacher. Admits became it for its translation of the Bible into the Berne German.

After a study of Rome anise TIC in Berne, Geneva and Paris it acquired the Gymnasiallehrerdiplom in the subjects French, Italian and latin in Berne and doktorierte here 1949 in Rome anise TIC with the thesis Le sémantisme mots expressifs of the EN Suisse Romande.

1946 married it the theologian Hans offering hard. They pulled after Steffisburg and got together six children. With of the children also their vocational activity increased again. Thus it wrote article over language and dialect for the newspaper the federation. She gave German instruction and wrote books.

1993 received it the honour doctor title of the theological faculty of the University of Berne.


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