Ruth Elder

Ruth Elder (* 8. September 1902 in Anniston, Alabama; † 9. October 1977 in San Francisco, California) was an US-American Flugpionierin and actress. Elder was the first woman, who dared the flight over the Atlantic.

Practically at the same time with Anne lion stone value home and Frances Wilson Grayson communicated Ruth Elder in August 1927 that it would try the Atlantic flight. At this time Elder was still not at all in the possession of a Flugscheins and it it was accused the announcement only for publicity reasons to have made in order to promote their actor career. One accused to the company Stinson, who placed its airplane, to want to recruit with its pretty face.

Ruth Elder started in October 1927 with its flight instructor George Haldeman as copilots. Success seemed seizablly, until they had to ditch before the Azores because of an engine damage to the Stinson Detroiter. An oil line had torn. Elder and Haldeman were pulled by a Netherlands oiling anchor from the water, the airplane burned during the salvage.

1929 participated Ruth Elder in the Puderquastenrennen and became fifth.

It was one of the original ninety-nine, an association for aviators.

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