Ruth monk

Ruth monk, civil: Ruth Seiler geb. Monk (* 1926, † 19. November 2000 in Stuttgart), was a German actress, singer and a host. It was married with its colleague Willy Seiler and had a son, Wolfgang (* 5. January 1961 in Stuttgart), which is today a well-known broadcast moderator with the southwest broadcast.

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Ruth monk began with 19 years as an actress with the Stuttgart comedy and Operettentheater. Here it played for example in the OperetteBlack Forest girl “.

After that 2. World war was it free woman employee with the transmitters at that time South German broadcast and southwest radio and/or. the later southwest broadcast. A larger public became them by the radio endings “Südfunklotterie”, “Frühschoppen” and “music on the gangway”, later “people music hit parade” and “you to wish, we played” well-known. It participated also in several radio plays for the “Swabian hour”.

1969 took over it together with its man Willy Seiler the presentation of the television broadcast “in the jug to the green wreath/ring” with the Saarland broadcast, which went in the future more than 500 times over the screen. The transmission can be called forerunners of the Musikantenstadl. Also in the TV serial “Germany your Swabia” and in a consequence of the TV serial scene worked is also.

Apart from its moderator activity it was however further active as an actress. Thus it stood to briefly before its death still on the stage of the folk theatre “muzzle mill “in the filter mill valley with Böblingen, with which among other things also “Hannes and the mayor “arise.

Ruth monk took up also alone and with its man Willy Seiler numerous records with usually popular songs. Some their titles until today in the desire concerts of the southwest broadcast are played.


  • 1987 scene - one million mice

success titles

  • in each case treasure and Schätzle
  • swabia country Polka
  • you wish - we play
  • which are i only heut again cook
  • the Zipperle dance
  • Vögele in the fir forest
  • where A of greener Besa sign
  • … and on Monday, there is blue day
  • … schüttets over mi well
  • EN d'r guate old time



  • 1978 Herzlichst


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