Ruth Maria Kubitschek

Ruth Maria Kubitschek (* 2. August 1931 in Komotau, Czechoslovakia) is a German actress.

After completion 2. World war fled Kubitschek with its family from the böhmischen homeland after Köthen. In resounds (Saale) and Weimar studied it looking plaything. Beside numerous theatre roles it played film productions also in DEFA -. 1959 remained it after a theatre commitment in West Germany, where she likewise completed first a multiplicity of theatre appearances.

By the television she attained a broad popularity, for the first time 1966 in the Francis Durbridge - crime film Melissa. Further well-known television roles in: Monaco Franze - the eternal Stenz (1983 with Helmut Fischer), Kir Royal (1986 with Franz Xaver Kroetz) - both of Helmut Dietl produces - as well as the inheritance that gulden castle (1986 - 1989).

As a Synchronsprecherin it borrowed among other things Danielle Darrieux (8 women), Daliah Lavi (old Shatterhand) and dolphins Seyrig (Muriel or the time of the return) its voice.

1987 received it the golden camera and the Bambi.

Kubitschek has a son Alexander from their divorced marriage with Götz Friedrich. It is associated since 1976 with the television producer Wolfgang wheel man and lives in the municipality hall stone at the Bodensee in Switzerland. There it writes books and paints.

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