Ruth new deck

Ruth new deck (geb. Hartmann, verh. Closius, * 5. July 1920 in Breslau; † 29. July 1948 in Hameln, executed) was a SS - Aufseherin in the woman Mrs. Ravensbrück.

After your wedding Ruth Closius accepted the surname new deck . In the years 1944 and 1945 new deck in different functions was active in the concentration camp. In July 1944 it began its training as Lageraufseherin in the KZ Ravensbrück. It impressed their superiors by its brutality opposite arrested women. A former prisoner stated later, new deck had cut through the neck of a Insassin with the sharp edge of its shovel. Still in July 1944 new deck was carried into the rank of a block guide. In the time of the 3. July to at the end of of October 1944 worked it there wage lady bookkeeper, their learned occupation. To at the beginning of December 1944 became it chief of the prisoner block 27 with approx. 700 female prisoners.

Later, and/or in December 1944, new deck accepted the rank of a Oberaufseherin and changed into the KZ Uckermark, where she was superior of five custodian inside. There she took part in the selection and execution of over 5.000 women and children, numerous camp passengers by it abused itself.

In March 1945 new deck became a chief of the sub-warehouse Barth. The camp became to 28. April 1945 dissolved, at the same time flew new deck from there. Later however it was imprisoned taken by the British army. From now on one began to determine their crimes.

During the second Ravensbrück process new deck was accused together with other female SS-members under British military jurisdiction. The 28-Jährige put a confession down to all charges - murder and abusing of prisoners under its responsibility -. The following statement is today attributed it:

„As I the camp Uckermarck took over, was there about 4,000 prisoners of all nationalities. When I was shifted after approximately six weeks, there only 1,000 prisoners remain. During my activity about 3,000 women for the Gaskammern were selected. “

Before court it admitted in addition prisoners with the whip to have struck. In the rest of defended it with the argument, it selected itself the killed prisoners not for the execution, but it only on the transportation to the Gaskammer accompanies.

Because of abusing and killing of allies camp in ASS ASS new deck was condemned to death by the strand. To 29. July 1948 was hung it around 9.00 by Albert Pierrepoint.


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