Saxonian academy of the sciences

the Saxonian academy of the sciences (SAW) is a body of the public right with seat in Leipzig. It unites today (2004) 121 tidy members (particularly from the Lands of the Federal Republic Saxonia, Saxonia-Anhalt and Thuringia) as well as 79 corresponding members.

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your work takes place in three classes:

  • mathematical-physical class (since 1846)
  • philological-historical class (since 1846)
  • technology-scientific class (since 1996)

the academy and its classes hold regular meetings. In addition the academy formed different topic tables commissions, that care for scarcely 30 long-term projects. In these projects more than 60 scientific coworkers are busy. The SAW connects so the activity of a scholar partnership with the work of a research institute. The academy maintains own publication rows as well as science-historically important archives.


at the 3. April 1846 arranged a group of thirteen professors of the University of Leipzig (probably on suggestion of the later Saxonian Secretary of cultural affairs Dr. Johann Paul von Falkenstein a request around the establishment of a society of the sciences to the Saxonian ministry for education and cultural. After the statutes of the society to 23. June 1846 by the king of Saxonia Friedrich August II. (1797-1854) confirmed were, the royally Saxonian society of the sciences one based, at the 1. July 1846, that 200. Birthday of the scholar Gottfried William Leibniz (1646-1716), whose place of birth is Leipzig.

Since that 1. July 1919 carries the society for the name Saxonian Academy of Sciences to Leipzig (SAW).

In the year 1948 war-causes closed Saxonian Academy of Sciences again-opened. It could keep their Selbstständigkeit also after the dissolution of the countries in the GDR. It was comparatively strongly coined/shaped from rather civil scientists. Therefore no reestablishment took place also after the political turn 1989 (differently than at the Academy of Sciences of the GDR.

The condition of the Free State Saxonia of 1992 explained the country as the carrier of the academy. In the year 1994 it received the status of a body of the public right by a law.

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