Säkularinstitut (also Weltinstitut or Weltgemeinschaft called) is a medal-similar community in the catholic church. The two important characteristics, which differentiate Säkularinstitut from a medal, are:

  • The members of the institutes for secular are contrary to the medal communities into their community bind for different way. Promises on time or however Gelübde of the poverty , which Keuschheit and obedience its, can do this, which are put down for the whole life. The community-own rule (constitutions) specifies this.
  • Like thatWord more secular expresses, lives the members not behind thick monastery walls, but in the midst of the world, (in rented apartments or houses) and attends to “normal” occupations.

At medal communities common elements, like common Tracht, roof and table community, were taken over by some institutes for secular,of others not.

It gives institutes for secular, when their members are certified only priests, with others only to Mrs. or only men. In more recent time there are also institutes for secular, which of two branches (men/clerics and women) consist, but an institutional unit form.

There are some larger institutes for secular for example within the international beautiful place - movement.

Some institutes for secular are:

  • Mrs. von Schönstatt
  • Schönstatt Patres
  • beautiful place priest federation
  • Schönstätter Marienschwestern
  • Mrs. von Schönstatt
  • Schönstätter Marienbrüder
  • beautiful place family federation (Institut of the beautiful place families)
  • community of our love Mrs. of the way
  • Säkularinstitut Ancillae SanctaeEcclesiae
  • Säkularinstitut of the holy Franz of Sales
  • Benignitas community
  • Caritas Christi
  • institute for Christian king
  • Franziskani Säkularinstitut of the Missionarinnen of the Königtums Christi
  • Fraternität Jesus Caritas (Säkularinstitut for women within the religious family Charles de Foucaulds)
  • community of the Augustinusschwestern
  • community of the holy Ursula (Säkularinstitut sankAngela Merici)
  • community of the Kamilliani sisters
  • community of the mission aids
  • Institut Notre Dame de Vie (our wife of the life)
  • Institut pc. Bonifatius - Missionsbenediktini Säkularinstitut
  • Institut Vita
  • Johannesgemeinschaft
  • Missionsoblatinnen of the immaculate virgin Maria

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