Sèvres is a suburb of Paris in the Département Hauts-de-Seine with approximately 22,700 inhabitants. Not far of lock Versailles convenient, is Sèvres seat of numerous congresses and organizations, e.g. office the international of the Poids et Mesures, in which the Urmeter is kept.

Henri Rousseau: The bridge of Sèvres, 1908

in the public became Sèvres particularly by the contract of Sèvres admits, the 1920 after that 1. World war and the decay of the Osmani realm its follow-up regulated. It treated the new states between the Entente and the Turkish Sultan and/or. Mandated territories of the Völkerbundes in the area of the Near East, and partial of South-east Europe. The education of independent states for Armenia and Kurdistan as well as a Greek remaining coastal strip around Smyrna (Turkish İzmir) was sealed, failed then however because of the resistance Atatürks and the “young Turks”, and/or. at new fights.

Starting from 1756 Sèvres accommodates the 1739 in Vincennes created Porzellanmanufaktur. The Porcelain de Sèvres is in 17. and 18. Century one of the most precious European porcelain.

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