SouthChinese sea

the southChinese sea (Chinese: 南中國海, Nán Zhōnggúo Hǎi) is a part of the Chinese sea and marginal sea of the Pacific ocean in Asia, to which the gulf of Thailand and the gulf of Tonkin belong.

It lies between China, Indochinesi and the Malaii peninsula as well as the islands Formosa (today Taiwan), Luzon, Palawan and Borneo. Neighboring states are the People's Republic of China, Republic of China (Taiwan), the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Kambodscha and Viet Nam.

Further islands are and. A.Hainan, the Natuna islands, the Anambas islands, the Spratly islands and the Paracel islands. Around latter both Inselgruppen territorial disputes between different neighboring states exist.

  • Surface: 2.975.000 km ²
  • largest depth: 5016 m

coordinates: 12° 11 ′ 18 " n. Break, 113° 13 ′ 35 " o.L.


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