Südgeorgien and the southern sand yielding islands

South Georgia and the South sand-yielded Iceland
Islas Georgias del Sur y Islas sand-yielded del Sur
Südgeorgien and the southern sand yielding islands
Flagge Südgeorgien und den Südlichen Sandwichinseln
office language English
capital Grytviken
system of government British overseas territories (stressed by Argentina)
head of state Elizabeth II.
Commissioner Howard J. S. Pearce
justice of the peace Ian Parsons
surface 4066 km ² (1)
number of inhabitants 2 (2)
geographical location
of coordinates: 54° 20 ' 5 " S,
36° 38 ' 11 " W
54° 20 ' 5 " S,
36° 38 ' 11 " W
time belt UTC -2h
internet TLD .gs
(1) Südgeorgien/Nebenins.: 3756 km ², south sand yielding islands: 310 km ²
(2) otherwise occasional researchers,Military, tourist on Südgeorgien
Karte Südamerikas, Südgeorgien hervorgehoben
Karte von Südgeorgien und den Südlichen Sandwichinseln
Satellitenbild von Südgeorgien
Stromness Bay in Südgeorgien

Südgeorgien and the southern sand yielding islands is British overseas territories in the south Atlantic, which is stressed by Argentina.

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probable became Südgeorgien for the first time inApril 1675 sighted by the British buyer Antoine de la Roché. This came at the cape Hoorn into bad weather and far by the course was driven off. He discovered a gebirgiges country with deep bays. This description can apply in this area only to Südgeorgien.

It lasted furtherone hundred years, until first humans entered Südgeorgien.James Cook landed to 17. January 1775 on board the HMS resolution in a bay, which it called short hand pos session Bay and cartography ores a part of the coastal line. It segelte far up to south point of the island, which it Cape Disappointment called, because now it became obvious that Südgeorgien could not be the Antarctic continent, for the Cook actually looked. On its journey around Südgeorgien Cook discovered also the southern sand yielding islands. It called it after lord sand-yielded, first lord of the admiralty, but better well-knownas inventors of the Sandwichs.

Cook mentioned in its reports that there are rich occurrences at seals in Südgeorgien and its waters. This led 1786 immediately to the beginning of the seal hunting, which led nearly to the extermination of these animals and persisted until 1909. In addition became of 1904 to 1965 in Südgeorgien altogether 175,250 whales hunted. Leftovers of the whaling industry are to be visited today still in some places of the island and stand partly under monument protection.

The first (involuntary) investigation of the interior made Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton 1916, as it with a rescue actionwithout map as well as two companions of the King Haakon Bay from the hilly island to cross had. The first scientific expedition for the investigation of the island took place 1928 , when the German Ludwig Kohl Larsen as well as its wife and the cameraman Albert Benitz visited the island.

Starting from 1925 Argentina laid claims on Südgeorgien and the southern sand yielding islands, which it tried to intersperse during the Falklandkrieges 1982. Südgeorgien came at that time briefly under Argentine crew, the main conflict took place however on the Falklandinseln . Thereupon at the King Edward POINT established troop location existed to 2001, in order to then make place for a research team.

system of government

the overseas territory is administered by the governor of the Falklandinseln as a commissioner, who functions as a representative of the British queen and government. For the defense the united kingdom is responsible. The juridical system is based upexists to the English Common Law, a valid condition since that to 3. October 1985.


the area is in the south Atlantic southeast the Falklandinseln. The large Hauptinsel Südgeorgien (bad.: San Pedro) is from the Pickersgill, Welcome and Willisinseln as well as the Annekov,Bird and Cooperinsel surrounded, the moreover are framed it by different accumulations of rock like the Clerke of skirt, Shag of skirt and the Black skirt. To the south sand yielding islands (from the north to the south) the Traversayinseln (Leskov, Visokoi and Zavodovskiinsel) belongs, the Candlemasinseln (Candlemas and Vindicationinsel; badly.: Candelaria), the sow the island,the Montaguinsel (bad.: Jorge), the Bristolinsel (bad.: Blanca) and at the southern end of south Thule (bad.: Tule del Sur) with the three isles Bellingshausen, Cook and Thuleinsel.

The gebirgige, fissured and mostly landscape covered by ice makes the majority of the islands badly habitable. Eleven mountains Südgeorgiens bringit on a height of over 2.000 m, as the highest collection applies the Mt. Paget with 2.934 M. The island is 160 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide and covers a surface of 3.756 km ², on which more than 160 glaciers are, from thosemany to to the sea near-rich. The south coast is exposed to the west hoists and therefore in the weather more coldly, more stormily and generally very inhospitably. The north coast lies in the lee of the mountains and the weather is very many more pleasant, the bays is calmer.

Some the southern sand yielding islandsare volcanic origin, partially are there still active volcanos.


Südgeorgien is considered as one of the most important breeding areas of the king penguin. It becomes estimated that there about 400,000 animals of this kind live. The existence of gold tuft penguins becomes on approx. 5Millions copies estimated. The moreover one Südgeorgien represents an important habitat for sea-elephants and Seelöwen . In the Brunftzeit meet up to 350.000 sea-elephants at the coasts of the island, while the number of the Seelöwen on approx. 2 million becomes estimated.

The areas pc. are famous.Andrew's Bay, gold Harbour, Salisbury Plain, Fortuna Bay


Grytviken, the only place on Südgeorgien, accommodates only some researchers that British Antarctic Survey in an nearby station at the King Edward POINT. The only, constantly there living inhabitants are Tim and Pauline Carr,also the museum with attached Souvenirshop operate. There tourists make stop occasional, in order to visit Ernest Shackletons grave or this small museum, the part of the earlier whale-catching station were. A second research station is on the Birdinsel.


national holiday is since 1982the 14. June as so mentioned “liberation Day”.

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