Southern Orkneyinseln

the southern Orkneyinseln is a Inselgruppe, which is appropriate north for the Antarctic peninsula in the Drakepassage. It falls legally under the Antarctic contract, which does not permit national sovereignty, however by Great Britain and by Argentina is stressed.


the southern Orkneyinseln 1821 by the whalers Powell and Weddell were discovered. 1903 were established on Laurie the station Orcadas, which was taken over after the return soon by the Argentine meteorological service and until today exists.

The Inselgruppe lies only scarcely within the territory, which is subordinate to the Antarctic contract. The distance to the Antarctic peninsula amounts to approx. 600 km. The surface amounts to 622 km ², whereby the Coronation island is in the west the largest one. Substantially better admits due to the research station Orcadas is the island Laurie. Between them lie numerous further Inselgruppen, as for instance the Powell island and different one.


the Inselgruppe stands under the changing influences from the north and the south that is called in the summer and autumn prevails oceanic influence, the variations in temperature is only small. In the winter and spring it is the continental influence, which causes large variations in temperature.

The warmest month is with +0,2°C January, the coldest month with -8,5°C July. The lowest temperature became with -40,1°C at the 3. August 1904 measured. The weather dominated by west wind is usually gloomy and foggy and belonged to the sun-poorest areas of the earth. On the research station there is snow, which melts away however by March in November usually still more than 60 cm.

vegetation and fauna

the southern Orkneyinseln are an Antarctic desert, it give only in ice-free places Moose and lichens.

There is some bird - and kinds of penguin represent, usually the Weddellrobbe, sometimes also sea-leopard, Rossrobben or the Krabbenfresserrobbe.

coordinates: 60° 40 ′ 55 " S. Break, 45° 11 ′ 10 " w. L.


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