the Südpfalz is the southern and southeast part of the Pfalz in the Land of the Federal Republic Rhineland-Palatinate.


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borders of 2 cities 3 dialect 4 Web on the left of [work on] borders approximately:

the entire pfälzische south part of the Rhine level to something beyond the Queich northward
the south part of the Pfälzer of forest between Queich and elsässischer border, i.e. the which gau, including the Dahner of rock country in the west

of cities

clear in the Südpfalz lie the following larger cities (enumerating in the clockwise direction):


can good than political be defined the borders of the Südpfalz linguistically - mundartlich.

Südpfälzer dialect speakers are noticeable particularly by many (still more than in all other Pfälzer Idiomen) and to usually long-drawn-out A--loud, who form them from Diphthongen such as egg and outer, z. B.:

Calibrates => Ääch, Plural Ääche
eye => Ääch, Plural Ääche
harrow/selvedge => Äich, Plural Äiche
Mrs. => Frää
smokes => rääche

with südpfälzischen oaks and eyes hears only the specialist at first attempt whether trees or Sehorgane are meant.

For into the Südpfalz Zugewanderte surely very impressively work words such as Stääbsäächer for vacuum cleaners or also Hääschde, as the Hauensteiner expresses its municipality name. For the quasi-capital of the Südpfalz , there are Landau even at least two dialect discussions - Lándaa and Lándääch - as a function of the area, from which the speaker originates. If someone should whether these complicated tongue impacts become heavycourageous and appear eternally miesepetrig, then one calls such a humans in this country läädlääwich, literally thus leidlebig. That is then in its surrounding field rapidly drawn as outsiders, pardon: gezäächelt.

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