Südschleswig (Danish: Sydslesvig) is the name for the today German part of Schleswigs (Danish: Sønderjylland), which is between Eider and GermanDanish border in the north of Schleswig-Holstein.

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Südschleswig is the today German part of the earlier duchy Schleswig, which already stood since 1386 in fixed herrschaftlicher connection with Holstein and was connected with Denmark by the contract by Ripen of 1460 by a personnel union(Sekundogenitur). Both duchies became from the German and/or. administers later Schleswig Holsteini Kanzlei in Copenhagen.

Schleswigs position between Germany and Denmark was since training of the national states in 19. Century repeats disputed. For the disputed state-legal status of both regions the joggle of the Sylter is symbolicLandvoigts and lawyer Uwe Jens Lornsen from Keitum alone, because it published 1830 a paper over a schleswig holsteinische condition. Lornsen was condemned by a Danish court because of high treason.

Holstein such as Schleswig been subordinate as independent duchies the far Danish total state. This became in Londoner minutes of 1852 confirms. The national affiliation Schleswigs remained thus unanswered.

As a king Christian VIII. Schleswig 1848 partially the Danish national state explained, desired far parts of the schleswigschen population, probably from different motives, but with support of Prussia against it up. In the first Schleswig war of national liberals of both sides faced each other 1848 to 1851. Eiderdänen demanded the connection of the whole duchy Schleswigs at Denmark, the German majority of the population against it in particular the connection Schleswigs to the German federation. Under the pressure of the European great powers the war could however in the long run alsoone status quo to be terminated. Although first only partly with success: confirmed by the Londoner minutes (1851), the independence Schleswigs was protected, Schleswig to 2. October 1855 however under Friedrich VII.into the national condition of Denmark included. Schleswig went thus neither in a unitedGerman Schleswig-Holstein, still in a new Danish national state up.

Only repeated ignoring of the independence Schleswigs (the introduction of a Danish schleswigschen condition) led 1864 to the GermanDanish war, after which Schleswig fell at Prussia and formed starting from 1869 together with Holstein the Prussian province Schleswig-Holstein.

1920it came into Schleswig to a popular vote. After a EN-bloc-tuning in the 1. Zone, whose border was defined by Denmark and interspersed as far as possible towards the south, fell this northernmost zone Nordschleswig at Denmark and is since then Danish. The 2. Zone decided for Germany, howdifferently than in the 1. Zone was co-ordinated not EN bloc, but gemeindeweise, since Denmark had hope to register so further area gains. In the 3. Zone became after the clear decision in the 2. Zone no more tuning accomplished. The southern part of Schleswigs, thatfrom the 2. and 3. With Germany and forms together with the region Holstein existed, remained plebiscite zone as well as the southern regions Schleswigs intended for a tuning today the country Schleswig-Holstein.

There are today in each case two meanings for the designation Schleswig (Danish: Sønderjylland): Historicallycorrect both by the German and by the Danish name for the region the entire (historical) Schleswig is to be understood, whereas the German administration and public under Schleswig today only the southern part of the old Schleswig, that today the northern part of the Land of the Federal RepublicSchleswig-Holstein forms, understands, and the Danish public, if it speaks of Sønderjylland, the office Sønderjylland (Nordschleswig) means.

The border between the two regions Südschleswig and Holstein is the Eider. Until 1864 the Eider was still border between the duchy Schleswig (as Danish Lehen) andthe duchy Holstein (as German Lehen).


Südschleswig extends of the Eider up to the Flensburger Förde and consists of the circles Schleswig Flensburg, Flensburg and Nordfriesland and the northern part of the circle Rendsburg Eckernförde. Because of the Baltic Sea coast are the landscapes fishing rods (between Flensburger Förde and Schlei), Schwansen (between Schlei and Eckernförder bay) and Danish Wohld (between Eckernförder bay and Kieler Förde). Thus everything that north the Eider is appropriate and - between Kiel and Flemhuder lake - north the northeast ship canal , is Südschleswig. In former times was that Eiderkanal the further border. It is contentious whether the city Rendsburg belongs still to Südschleswig: The old part of town lies on a Eiderinsel, a part of the city however also south the Eider.

Historical principal place is the city Schleswig, which was also capital of Schleswig-Holstein until 1945, today becomesthe role of the upper center however perception by Flensburg.


in Südschleswig beside standard German also Niederdeutsch, Danish, Sønderjysk (Südjütisch) and Friisk (Friesisch) are spoken. Because in the region equivalent two autochthone minorities of Germany live: the Friesen and the Danes. Besidethe Lausitz with the Sorben is Südschleswig thus also of European importance on this field.

Many place names in the eastern region are Danish, many in western friesischer origin. Therefore many place names beside the German have also a Danish or friesische form. See also: Schleswig place names


Südschleswig is politically interesting, there beside the German parties also the SSW as a regional party and agency of the Danish group of peoples (after own understanding as agency of both recognized minorities - Danes and Friesen) start. After SPD and CDU the SSW is a third-strongest party inRegion. Beside the SSW is at the west coast besides still the voter community Nordfriesland (WG-NF), which is represented also in the Kreistag Nordfrieslands.


Südschleswig is a structure-weak region. A special value take the agriculture and the tourism. Straight Nordfriesland and thoseSchleiregion are popular vacation goals. In Flensburg and Rendsburg larger throwing enterprises exist.


over 60% the Südschleswiger are member of the Evangelist church (Nordelbi church). Besides it gives Freikirchler, Muslims and Jews to catholics, Danish Protestanten.


around thosetransnational co-operation to förden, was created 1997 the regional advice Schleswig Sønderjylland (agreement text: [1]). In the regional advice the circles Nordfriesland, Schleswig Flensburg, the city Flensburg co-operate and on Danish side the office Sønderjylland on German side. The circle Rendsburg Eckernförde did not join the regional advice.

The southeast regionis a component of the core region.

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