range: 1/2 "
color: Subcarrier
clay/tone: Longitudinal/diagonal trace
running time: 2-10 hours
of introduction: 1987

S-VHS (for super video Home system) are an improved, downward-compatible video home system - standard for home video.

S-VHS offers an improved picture resolution and a higher color accuracy with nearly thatdoubled number of pixels per line (measure for similar video dissolution) in relation to video home system. S-VHS works with 400, video home system against it only with 250 points per line. This was reached by clearly higher frequencies with the frequency-modulated luminance signal. These high frequencies can however ofsimple video home system - Volumes not to be noted reliably. Therefore for S-VHS typically special high-quality volumes are used. A further crucial criterion for the better image quality of the S-VIDEO HOME SYSTEM-system in relation to video home system is the separation from brightness and color signal, both during the recording, andalso on the signal paths to the terminals, thus in cable connections and plugs.

S-VHS could offering even a better picture than terrestrial radiated analog television. Particularly Amateurfilmern came the better image quality, reached by separation of the black-and-white (Y) and the color signal (C) muchagainst, because S-VHS cut - copies in acceptable quality permitted.

S-VIDEO HOME SYSTEM-recorders won few market shares, probably because of the higher initial costs with recorders and photograph media, as well as missing film purchase cartridges.
Within the professional range S-VHS led only a shade existence. Although a simple recording is still bearable, so, as with video home system the color is so strongly disturbed that the color intoxication reduction led to the video home system-typical Ausbluten. Poor television stations, particularly in developing countries use also today still S-VHS or even video home system.

Today S-VHS became outdated, it within the playing range by DVD video was displaced.In the angle of photography there are several digital video formats, which use amateur and semiprofessionelle Filmer. Particularly Festplattenrekorder, which can note DVB directly, displace S-VHS increasingly.

The designation S-VHS is often falsely used for S-video, S-VHS is however a video tape recording recording method, during S-video thoseCondition of the signal path in cables and plugs describes. For example diagram maps do not possess S-VIDEO HOME SYSTEM-FROM-/Eingang, correctly designation are it S-video-from-/Eingang. The plug form for S-video is the so-called Hosidenstecker, which makes the separation from Luminanz (black-and-white signal) and Chrominanz (color signal) possible. InContrast to it stands the Composite - for input/output, which summarizes the two signals and therefore with a simple (yellow) Cinchstecker gets along.

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