SS Sauternes

the SS Sauternes was a British steam ship, the 1922 was built and to 7. December 1941 around approximately 15,30 o'clock with the Färöern sank.

On the Färöern it is called Jólaskipið, the Weihnachtsschiff. The originally French ship was designated after the place Sauternes.

On board the Sauternes were 25 persons: 19 crew members, five soldiers and a passenger. They all found death, when the ship came between Fugloy and Svínoy in a storm into distress. The ship came from Scotland, in order to supply the British garrison of the Färöer in the Second World War among other things with Weihnachtsgeschenken. On board was also a money treasure of 22.500 Danish crowns for the exchange of the Färöer, which were coined/shaped due to the war in England.

The misfortune obviously decreases/goes back to human failure , because as the captain W. Smith to 6. December British headquarters in Tórshavn announced that they would be in the storm in the Fugloyarfjørður (the fjord between Fugloy and Svínoy), thought one there, the speech was western of far on the island Eysturoy of the safe port Fuglafjørður. Thus the Sauternes got the order to anchor where they were. The anchors were cleared too late, in order to turn the fate away to cliff from Svínoy to be pressed. The population of island watched helplessly, and also two yielded life rafts could not arrive to no more with the weather conditions at the ship.

The six found bodies were bestattet in Klaksvík. These are:

  • George Albert Perris, 34 years, captain of the Royal Army service Corps
  • R. Smith, about 35 years
  • John Daniel Macinmrod, 21 years
  • Robert Ross, about 25 years
  • Peter Cormack, 21 years
  • of unknown quantity man, about 35 years

of the other men of the crew is thought on a Gedenktafel in London: Captain W. Smith, J.C. Carruthers, D. Chapman, D. Drill, J.F. Large kind, S. Horn, H.T. Jarvis, Henry W.J. Koven, M. McCarthy, T. Mitsuda, H. Morrice, R.B. Palmer, K.L. Rider, A. Ross, J. Russell, A. Scobbie, J. Wilson.

About at the same time to this misfortune the attack on Pearl Harbor took place on the other side of the globe. The fate of the Weihnachtsschiffs always moved the Färinger, and starting from the year 2000 finally, the wreck in several dipping courses was visited, whereby many articles were saved. It was the up to then largest dipping enterprise in the history of the Färöer.


  • Grækaris Djurhuus Magnussen: Jólaskipið. S/S Sauternes í Fugloyarfirði. Forlagið Steyri 2002 (on Färöisch, Website)

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