of these articles treats the Saxonian Saale, in contrast to the Frankish and Saale of Lower Saxony.
Saaletal bei Hof
hall valley with yard
situation: In Germany
length: 413 km
source: With cell (728 m and. NN)
Delta: With Barby into the Elbe (49.5 m and. NN)
Important tributaries: White Elster, Unstrut, Ilm, Bode
larger cities at the river: Yard (Bavaria), Jena, resounds (Saale)
from the delta to resound Trotha
source of hall

the Saale, also Saxonian Saale, is a river in Upper Franconia/Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxonia-Anhalt. It is after the Moldau the secondarylongest tributary of the Elbe. With a middle discharge of 115 m ³ /s it takes together with the Havel likewisePlace two, behind the Moldau, under the largest tributaries.

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the overall length by straightening in the context of the water way development Elbe/Saale in the years 1933 to 1942 of 427 km on approximately 413 km one shortened. Begun at that timeBuilding of the Elster Saale channel, which should lead until Leipzig, thought for the riverboat travel, was never completed.


the Saale rises at the forest stone in the Fichtelgebirge with cell.

Situation of the Saale

the upper run of the Saale between cell and yard is still rather leisurely. Then the river runs across the Thüringer slate mountains and affects Saalfeld/Saale, Rudolstadt and Jena.

At its central run the Saale is dammed up, the largest artificial lakes of a five-stage cascade is the high waiting several times and the lead hole artificial lake.

The underflow runs in a flat landscape by the cities white rock, bath dry mountain, Merseburg, resounds (Saale), (south of lies the ecologically valuable Saaleauen resounds, in to resounding ashes the city several islands and rock toBank - Klaus mountains, Kröllwitzer rock, among other things the Giebichenstein with the castle ruin of the same name) below resounds passes the Saale the steep banks of the Brachwitzer alps, Wettin, the Rothenburger Porphyrfelsen and Berne castle.

The Saale flows with Barby into the Elbe.

artificial lakes to the Saale

at the upper run of the Saale lie in this order the following artificial lakes:


of places along the Saale




objects of interest and buildings

onthe Saale with its tributary Unstrut lies the Weinbaugebiet Saale Unstrut. Along the river runs (particularly in the upper and central run wheel routistic fastidious) the remote cycle track Saale cycle track. The Saale flows to the Heidecksburg, the thorn citizen locks, that Castle hall-hit a corner, the herd castle and bath Kösen with his Gradierwerk past.


meaning as traffic route

starting from resound Trotha is navigable the Saale. A European Union-standard canalization of the underflow is planned (Saale channel), pushes howeveron resistance by groups of environmental protection: Neither this investment with the present goods arising could be justified is traffic-technically meaningful still the development without a development of the upstream Elbe.

The via Regia follows by sections the run of the Saale.

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