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The Saarland broadcast (SR) is an institute of the public right (country broadcasting corporation) for the Saarland with seat in Saarbruecken (radio house half suppl.). The SR is member of the pool of broadcasting corporations.

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programs SR

of the SR organizes alone or in co-operation with other radio and/or. TV organizations at present following television and radio broadcasting programs:


sound broadcasting


the first broadcast transmission from the Saarland was sent to history. After the back arrangement of the Saargebiets into the German Reich became1935 „the realm transmitter Saarbruecken “as part “the enriching and radio GmbH Berlin” based.

In postwar Germany the Saargebiet belonged first to the French zone of occupation. The military government established 1945/46 „radio Saarbruecken “, to 31. December 1947 the civilian Saarland office for broadcast was subordinated.1952 stepped the first broadcast law for thatSaarland into force, due to whose the transmitter was converted as Saarland broadcast into a GmbH. One year later was sent the first television broadcast in the Saarland.

Until 1953 only one radio broadcasting program (late SR 1) would send the SR. Then radio Saarbruecken started its second radio broadcasting program SR 2.

After the entry of the Saarland to the Federal Republic of Germany 1957 the Saarland broadcast GmbH to the public national broadcasting corporation for the Saarland with names of Saarland Rundfunk.1959 was taken up the SR to the pool of broadcasting corporations. Since that time the Saarland broadcast takes over the television community program of the pool of broadcasting corporations, at thathe with changing ratios also as Beiträger takes part. Starting from 1961 in the previous evening program to 20 o'clock a regional program for the Saarland was furnished.

To 5. The three South West German institutes for run fancying SR, Southern German Broadcasting Corporation and Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation with one transmission evening made of Saarbruecken their common third television program started April 1969“Southwest 3” or S3. It was the youngest thereby altogether of the five third television programs of the institutes for pool of broadcasting corporations. First it was sent at only three, starting from September 1969 at four weekdays and expanded 1971 to over the whole week a handing program. Over many years southwest had3 its emphasis in education and training programmes as well as a weekly regional evening, which was organized separately in the three Lands of the Federal Republic, thus also in the Saarland. The gradual change of the television programs by the introduction of the commercial private television in the middle of the 80's led contentwise to a clear regionalization thatThird programs. Starting from 30. August 1998 became S3 in the Saarland SR the television southwest together with numerous regionally opened Saarland windows and one further with the SWR (fuses from Southern German Broadcasting Corporation and Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation) organized coat program (southwest television).

At the 1. November 1964 became SR 1 an music-orientedProgram (SR 1 European wave Saar) developed. At the same time the third radio broadcasting program, SR 3 started - first as „immigrant worker program “, then in addition, filled up with other transmissions, and since that 7. January 1980 is it as SR 3 Saarland wave a regional and a national program. The second radio broadcasting programSR 2 was developed further starting from 1967 to the fastidious SR 2 Studiowelle Saar. From 1972 to 1990 this became in co-operation with the South German broadcast (Southern German Broadcasting Corporation) and the southwest radio (Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation) operated, and from 1991 to at the end of 1994 was the program for the majority with the second radio broadcasting programthe hessian broadcast (hr2) together switched. Since that 1. Since that time January 1995 carries the program for the names SR 2 culture radio and is an culture-oriented full program. The program was removed step by step to the full program, until it gave since 1971 daily transmissions. In the blanking gap of thisProgram started the SR to 2. October 1989 its regional videotex - offer under the designation Saartext.

To 6. November 1989 started the SR its fourth radio broadcasting program SR 4. Here it concerned a merge program, since 1. March 1999 above all foreigner programsas well as direct transmissions from Bundestag and Landtag radiated. In the remaining time SR 4 transferred mainly the program of SR 2 culture radio and of SR 3 Saarland wave. SR 4 transferred also the radio endings of the open channel in the Saarland. To 30. January 2003 became this however afterResolution of the Saarland federal state parliament adjusted.

With the fusion from Southern German Broadcasting Corporation and Southwestern German Broadcasting Corporation to the SWR at the 1. September 1998 was transferred the past third television program southwest 3 into the two programs „of southwest Baden-Wuerttemberg “and „southwest Rhineland-Palatinate “, together „southwest television “. The SR used this restructuring for the startits third television program under the own name SR southwest television, whereby however further the largest part of the program is radiated together with the southwest television.

As last radio broadcasting program started the SR at the 1. March 1999 our thing in co-operation with the likewise again started THE THING of the SWR.

To January 2004 the Saarland broadcast changed its radio structure over easily: The program of SR 4 was stopped and our thing was extended from the project to the recent program.

transmitting plants

  • medium-wave transmitter Heusweiler (program: Deutschlandfunk)
  • UKW and TV-transmitter: Göttelborner height, Moseltal,Blowing valley

director SR and its predecessor mechanisms

  • of the 1935 - 1940: Dr. Adolf Raskin, director „of the realm transmitter Saarbruecken “
  • 1946 - 1948: Leader of „radio Saarbruecken “?
  • 1948 - 1956: Frederic Billmann, general manager
  • 1957 - 1976: Dr. Franz WilliamMay, Intendant of the public broadcasting corporation „Saarland broadcast “
  • 1977 - 1988: Professor. Dr. Stroke ore Rohde
  • 1989 - 1996: Dr. Manfred Buchwald
  • 1996 - today: Fritz Raff

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coordinates: 49° 13 ' 23 " N, 7° 1 ' 57 " O


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