Sabine Baess

Sabine Baess, married Marbach, (* 15. March 1961 in Dresden, Saxonia, Germany/GDR) is a German Eiskunstläuferin.

Sabine Baess became with their partner Tassilo Thierbach 1982 world and Europameisterin in the pair running. 1983 followed still another European champion title. The pair trained in Karl Marx city (Chemnitz), started thus for the sports club Karl Marx city and trained with Irene salt man. They were the only pair of ice art runs from the GDR, which could achieve a world champion title.

Tassilo Thierbach had to undergo of 1980 also a meniscus operation, so that the pair Baess/Thierbach was missing with the GDR and European championships 1981.

Sabine Baess works later than Trainerin in Berlin at the TSC Berlin. She trained among other things Stefanie thank ore, those with the German championships 2004 the 5. Place occupied.

It is married with Olaf Marbach and lives in Oranienburg/country Brandenburg. Sabine Baess has a son Moritz.

It arose after 1990 with Tobias Schröter, former GDR master with the pairs of sports, when looking running, among other things in the Friedrichstadtpalast in Berlin.

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