Sackets Harbor (New York)

Sackets Harbor is a locality in the USA. It is because of the delta of the Black River in the Ontariosee, belonged to the municipality Hounsfield and to the Jefferson County in the Federal State New York, the USA. Sackets Harbor has 1,386 inhabitants (conditions 2000).

Sackets Harbor 1801 based by the land owner Augustus sag and was up to the establishment of Watertown the most important settlement in the region. In the war of 1812 with Great Britain Sackets Harbor had great strategic importance as fleet basis of US Navy and center of the building of warships. 1812 repelled the Americans a first attack of British warships, 1813 could the defenders under general Jacob Brown the income of the place by a large-scale, but halfheartedly accomplished British landing operation under the command of Kommodore Sir James Lucas Yeo and the Canadian governor general Sir George Prevost prevent. Nevertheless it succeeded to the aggressors to cause substantial damages and back-throw the building of ships substantially. The battle of Sackets Harbor is partly represented at that time and until today falsely than large American success. With the fights the American discoverer and officer Zebulon Pike were killed and buried there.

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