Sadayoshi Tanabe

Sadayoshi Tanabe (* 20. October 1888 in Kio; † 18. January 2000 in Kawasaki) was a Japanese Bibliograph.

He attained admittingness over the borders Nippons outside in particular by the promotion of the Japanologie in the USA. With the University OF Michigan it started an exchange program, at their centers for Japanese Studies in Okayama functioned Tanabe as an advisor.

After the death of its land man Denzo Ishisaki - which became age of the Spaniard Antonio Urrea Hernandez only 2005 confirmed - he was with 110 years the oldest living man of the world. Likewise requirement on this title raised the American John Painter, which saw one month before it the light of the world. Since between some birth proofs discrepancies exist, it is not recognized without reservation however.

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