Sadler's Wells

Sadler's Wells is a theatre - building complex in Islington, London. It is particularly admits for its ballet and operas - repertoire.


the Sadler's Wells goes back on the 1680 from thickly Sadler created musick house. The 1683 coincidentally with construction work discovered wells (English: Wave) became a component of the name. The today's theatre, which was again-opened 1998, is the fifth here. In its eventful history it was among other things the homeland of a roller-scating rink, a box combat arena, a Varietees and a cinema. At the beginning 20. Century the Sadler's Wells had come rather down. That changed, as it for the directress Lilian Baylis 1928 succeeded to Ninette de Valois with their Vic Wells clenches to obligate. It was the origin 1956 developed Royal clench.

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