of the medals of afflicting Maria (OVM), whose members in Germany also under the name Salesianerinnen or Visitantinnen admits is, in the year 1610 by the holy Franz of Sales and the holy Johanna Franziska of Chantal one based.

Ordenswappen der Heimsuchung Mariens (Salesianerinnen): das durchbohrte Herz Jesu, das mit der Dornenkrone umkränzt ist
Medal coat of arms of afflicting Mariens (Salesianerinnen): the perforated heart Jesu, that with the thorn crown umkränzt is

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Franz of Sales, bishop of Geneva - Annecy had to 5. March 1604 with chamfering lectures in Dijon the young Baronin Johanna Franziska of Chantal know learned. It had become due to a tragic hunt accident of its married man the widow and carried with the thought to become nun. Franz of Sales takes over religious company of the low-pious Baronin, and soon turns out that Johanna Franziska feels the call to a medal life, with which active activity and contemplative life with one another are deeply connected. Such a community does not exist however, why Franz of Sales and Johanna of Chantal itself decide to create their own medal.


to 6. June 1610 was created the first monastery of the afflicting sisters in Annecy, which lived city, in the Franz of Sales as a bishop. The name „medals of afflicting Maria “is due to the attendance with Jesus the Christ pregnant women God nut/mother described in the Lukasevangelium with her cousin Elizabeth. Johanna of Chantal and Franz of Sales wanted to express however with this name the active activity of the new medal: Afflicting sisters should visit arms, patient and needy one at home, in order to support it. Source for this karitative doing should be the prayer - the God love should become visible by and in the next love. When however in the year 1615 in Lyon a second afflicting monastery should be created, this concept was rejected by the responsible archbishop, because it could not resign itself to a karitativ active woman medal - at that time a complete novelty -. The afflicting sisters and their founder personalities bent themselves the decision of the bishop, and so the Kongregation was converted into a kontemplativen medal, that in the year 1618 from Pope Paul V. the papal acknowledgment received.


as Franz of Sales approximately four years after the papal acknowledgment of the medal in the year 1622 died, existed already 13 afflicting monasteries. With the death of the foundress Johanna Franziska of Chantal in the year 1640 there was already 87 medal houses. Today the medal exists world-wide. In Germany the first afflicting monastery in Munich was created. Today afflicting sisters in Germany in the monasteries Zangberg with Mühldorf at the Inn, Dietramszell with wood churches (Upper Bavaria), Pielenhofen (circle Regensburg) Oberroning with land hat and Uedem at the Niederrhein, in Austria in the monastery Thurnfeld live Beuerberg (Dekanat wolf advice living) in resound (Tirol) and in the monastery at the running way in Vienna as well as in Switzerland in Solothurn and Freiburg in the Üechtland).

To the most well-known medal sisters to afflicting the holy Margareta Maria Alacoque ( 1647-1690) belongs, who in the monastery of Paray le Monial in Burgund lived and in a vision the order received to advance the heart Jesu - admiration as well as nut/mother Maria Salesia Chappuis (1793-1875) from the medal house in Troyes (France), those together with P. Louis Brisson the Oblaten hl. Franz of Sales based.


of the medals of afflicting is a contemplative medal with examination. To that extent personal prayer and choir prayer belong to the most important tasks of the Salesianerinnen. In addition various services come for the monastery community (gate, administration, house and garden). Some sisters are active in the adult education (Exerzitien, religious company) or also in the educational range.


the motto of the Salesianerinnen reads: “We sisters of afflicting Maria live a Spiritualität of the meeting, which is rooted in the Biblical meeting of Maria and Elisabet (process card 1.39-56). We would like to give answer on the Beziehungslosigkeit, Sprachlosigkeit and isolation to our time. We live this particularly from the meeting with God, our center and source. We live this in the meeting with Mitschwestern, woman employees and coworkers, fellow men, church and world after the model of our founders Franz of Sales and Johanna Franziska of Chantal. “

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