the Salfranken (also Sali Franconias, Salier or west Franconias) existed since the year 420 as independent partial trunk of Franconias in Tournai (Nordbrabant).

Duke Pharamond crossed the Rhine with faithful ones toward the west, settled there and separated thereby its trailer shank from Rhine Franconias.Pharamond was thereby also the founder of the dynasty of the Merowinger, which already returned in the year 509 again to their original settlement area martially and which Rhine-Frankish area conquered.

Starting from the year 486 however the designation realm of Soissons set itself through, also an indication of it,that the ruler at that time Chlodwig its sphere of influence to the south against the Romans expanded and at the same time Frankish competitors and small realms for itself office for association and/or. conquered. Later Sal also the Lex Salica resulted from the prefix.

the Salfränki dukes

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