Salm (aristocracy)

Salm is designated the name moselländisches count sex, a Nebenlinie of the Luxemburger, after the castle Vielsalm in the Ardennen (today Belgium).

Master father is Widricus count in the Triergau and Bidgau, Pfalzgraf to Aachen 877 - 926. Its son Siegfried becomes 963 as a count in the Moselgau, count mentioned of Luxembourg and Salm. 1165 division into the lines Niedersalm in the Ardennen and Obersalm in the Vogesen. The there castle Salm is southwest of screen-hits a corner at the border to Lorraine - “Gefürstete countySalm “, since 1793 French.

The line Niedersalm was inherited 1416 of Mr. von Reifferscheidt and Dyck (with Hermannus de Dicco steps in the year 1094 the first representative of the family of Dyck (also Huygen van Dyck) into the light of history, over the female linearrived the rule Dyck 1394 at the Mr. von Reifferscheidt), who in male line from the Salm' master father Widricus descends. The house Salm Reifferscheidt divided into 17. Century into several lines, those nearly all in 18. Century were raised into the realm prince conditions:

the line Obersalm was left to the half at the wild and Rhine counts, those in the consequence also thatNames Salm took up. After divisions in 17. and 18. The lines formed century:

to this family belong:


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