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Salman Rushdie (* 19. June 1947 in Bombay, India) is an Indian of British writers. It belongs to the most important representatives of the contemporary literature. It enriches its narrations with fantastic elements from the fairy tale world.This mixing myth and fantasy with the material life is called magic realism. Rushdie writes in English language. Since 2004 are married Rushdie in fourth marriage with the Indian Model Padma Lakshmi.

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Salman Rushdie buildup in Bombay (today Mumbai). Its father was a successful businessman. It owed it to this fact that it was sent at the age from 14 years to England and good training receivescould. Following the training it studied history at the King' s college of the University of Cambridge. He worked on the theatre and as a free journalist. 1964 he became British citizen.

With „Grimus “Salman Rushdie published 1975 its first work, it howevernot brought in hoped for success. Its international break-through succeeded to it 1981 with the book „Mitternachtskinder “, for which it was distinguished with the Booker price. Its third book „shame and dishonor “appeared 1983.

A further success registered it 1988 with its work „The satanischen verses “. By the representation of the life of the prophet Mohammed against-reflected in the nightmares of a Protagonisten many Muslims in their religious feelings felt hurt - most without the book at all certainly to know to read there it neither easily nor affordablyand in addition of Islamic clergyman was forbidden. To 14. February 1989 condemned the Iranian head of state Khomeini Rushdie by means of a Fatwa to death, because the book „against the Islam, which is prophet and the Koran “. Khomeini called the Muslims in all world for enforcement. Overexecution to accelerate, was exposed a head money of three million to US Dollar.

Salman Rushdie explained its regret in relation to the Islamic religious community over „the concern, which prepared the publication for sincere trailers Islam “.In addition, after death Khomeinis at the 3. June 1989 became thatDeath sentence keep upright.1991 were even doubled the head money. The poet lived because of the received murder threats in forced isolation at constantly changing residences and under police protection; Khomeini and accomplices were written out not even symbolically for search, the diplomatic relations not by Great Britain, but by Iranbroken off and the Ambassadors of the west after four weeks again into Iran sent back. The numerous threats and notices against the publishing houses and the murder of several translators did not prevent the success of the book. It achieved a tremendous spreading over the whole world.

On its escapewrote Rushdie for its son the fairy tale „Harun and the sea of stories “, in which a fairy tale storyteller loses the ability to tell stories because him „the stories cock “is turned off and it has no more entrance to „the telling water “. Its son makes itself on thatAway to save its father. This history served as parabola on Rushdies own situation, in the underground and separately from the family. Rushdie received innumerable renowned prices, the herausragenste is the Aristeion literary award of the European Union for its complete work.

In the year 1998 the government Teherans dissociated itself inan official explanation of the death sentence. Fundamentalist circles hold however to it.

1999 develop the work „the soil under their feet “(and a song of U2: „The ground beneath feet ago “) and 2001 the novel „Fury “. A collection of skurriler narrations is called „East, west “.

2005published Rushdie the novel „Shalimar the clown “, 2006 under the title „Shalimar the fool “on German appeared.

For its life's work Salman Rushdie 1999 of the free University of Berlin with was distinguished.


  • „free speech is the crucial, around it turnseverything. Free speech is the life. “'
  • „there above in the air space, that soft, not perceptible range, which the century had made possible and which thereupon the century made possible, which had become one of its determining spheres, to the place of striving and the war, to a place, that thatPlanets to shrink left, to a power vacuum, the most uncertain and unbeständigsten of all spheres, deceitfully, constantly in dissolution and Wallung understood - if one throws everything into air, becomes possible everything -, high there above anyhow took place changes in delirierenden actors, those the heart of the old gentlemanLamarck more highly to strike leave: under extreme external pressure characteristic characteristics are acquired. “ (out „the satanischen verses “)


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