Salt Lake town center

salt Lake town center
Salt Lake City, Downtown
pointed name: Crossroad (Crossroads) of the west
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map of FEDERAL STATE, CITY emphasized
base data
establishment: 24. July 1847
state: The USA
Federal State: Utah
County: Salt Lake
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 40°45'17 " n. Break, 111°53'33 " w. L.
40°45'17 " n. Break, 111°53'33 " w. L.
Time belt: Mountain standard Time (UTC -7)
- Metropolregion:
178,605 inhabitants (1. July 2004)
population density: 643.3 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 1,288 m and.NN
surface: 285.9 km ²
of it 282.5 km ² country
city arrangement: 10 urban districts
postal zip codes:
Web page: Official homepage
mayor: Rocky Anderson one (D)
Sonnenaufgang über Salt Lake City
sunrise over salt Lake town center

the city salt LakeTown center (dt. usually becomes outdated: Large salt sea-side town) is the capital of the US Federal State Utah and is with 178.605 inhabitants (1. July 2004) the largest city of Utah. The population of the population centre around the city amounts to over one million.

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to 24. July 1847 became salt Lake town center of143 men, three women and two children at the east coast of the large salt lake based. These members of the church Jesu Christi of the holy ones of the last days (HLT, English Latter day Saints, LDS), also Mormonen mentioned, were main because of religious pursuitand discrimination in the eastern states fled. They were the first white ones, which established themselves in Utah.

After the lynching murder at its church founder Joseph Smith led the second church president Brigham Young the majority of the church members toward the west - thatArea of the city at that time officially still belonged to Mexico, then one hoped to escape from the area as the hostilely felt USA. In the long run this did not succeed, but until US central power could go here noticeably into action, were thoseMormonen already firmly enough established, in order to be endangered in their existence no more.

According to reports Young had with the arrival in the salt Lake valley a vision, mentioned the this is the correct place. She was called Great originalSalt Lake town center, was however renamed, when it became capital of the area.


geographical layer

the geographical layer salt Lake town centers is 40° 45 ' 17 " n. Break. and 111° 53 ' 33 " w. L.

In accordance with the United States Census office has the city altogether a surface of 285,9 km ², of it are 282.5 km ² country and 3.3 km ² (about 1.1%) water.

The city is appropriate for the salt Lake Valley in a large valley,which of the Wasatch Mountains in the east and the Oquirrh Mountains in the west is separated. Like most cities, north and south of salt Lake town center extend (like Ogden and Provo) are it because of the foot of the WasatchMountains, which 2,000 meters over the valley, impressive in some places, rise. This urban area is usually well-known as the Wasatch front.

The winter climate is not as rough because of the compensatory effect of the large salt lake as in Cheyenne or Denver. The temperatures fall rarely longer time under -18°C (0°F). The summer climate is balanced according to likewise from the lake, in addition the height of the city comes with approximately 4,400 foot/1350 meters. On the average about eight times in the year becomes 38°C (100°F)exceeded, these days are not so unpleasant however, since it acts over one of the driest areas of the country.

Between Decembers and March snow is relatively frequent, but it is unusual that with a storm more than 30 cm upthe valley soil fall. At embankments close of the mountains falls substantially more. In the summer there are only sporadic rains. The summer Monsune, which ascend from Mexico and Arizona, concerns the region from in the middle of July until Septembers, often with strong thunderstorm activities connected.

allocation of city

the city is gitterförmig put on, most roads run exact from the north to the south or the east to the west. The origin of the lattice is appropriate for the place the salts Lake of temple in the southeast corner of the temple range.Road designations and addresses are accordingly to the coordinate system. [1]

The buildings of the city center are an impressing collection of old and new structures, on the one hand give it multistoried buildings from steel and glass with 20 floors, beside it buildings 19. Century from bricks andMortar. The highest building of the city is the 26-stöckige office building of the HLT church, in which their administrative centre is. Further important buildings are public the delta center, Wells fargo center, One Utah center, the salt Lake town center LIBRARY, the historical Tabernakel(formerly the largest meeting-resounds place of many concerts in the American west, today still), the salt Lake temple and the new conference center of the HLT church, which offer about 20,000 places.

The Hogle zoo is because of the foot of the eastern Ausläufer of mountains, the Liberty park is southeast the city center. Salt Lake town center possesses an international airport.


unofficial boroughs, which are noted on most local maps in the entire city well-known and also, have districts salt Lake town center. One the most well-knownThe Avenues is in the northeast. The Avenues is a quarter, which consists of old houses, which were built at the same time in perfectly rectangular block. The roads are alphabetically designated and the Avenues durchnummeriert there.

Salt Lake town center 2004.

Further quarters are

  • Sugar House - southeast
  • Federal Heights - the east
  • East Bench - northeast
  • Capitol Hill - the north
  • rose park - the west

the HLT church divides the city and further areas with high HLT portion - whole Utah and many other areas in the westthe USA - in addition in stakes (Stakes) and municipalities (Wards). A stake is to be compared roughly seen with a Diözese in other churches, and a municipality is similar to a church municipality. By the spreading influence of the Mormonen in Utah know evenPeople, which are not HLT member, in which municipality it are.


Das City und County Building in Salt Lake City im Juni 2005)
town center and County the Building in salt Lake town center in June 2005)

contrary to the remainder of Utah have since the 1970ern democratic and liberalPolitician the political majority in salt Lake town center. About half of salt Lake town centers population are members of the church Jesu Christi of the holy ones of the last days, compared to approximately 75% for completely Utah and 90% in the rather ruralMunicipalities. Therefore also the separation from church and state is the most strongly discussed topic.

partnerships between cities

with Czernowitz (Ukraine ) , Keelung (Taiwan) maintains partnerships between cities salt Lake town center, Matsumoto (Japan), Oruro (Bolivia), Quezon town center (the Philippines), and Thurles (Ireland).

economics and infrastructure

the economy of the city are predominantly service-oriented. While the Kennecott Kupfermine in the proximity during 19. Century for a strong income, developed the city an economy ensured as traffic junction, by call centers and season tourism. Alsothe olympic winter plays 2002 provided for an upswing of the surrounding economy.

In addition the city has an service-oriented university nature with several universities and many technical schools.


sound that censuses 2000 181,743 humans live in in the city71.461 households, and 39,803 families. There are 77,054 housing units with an average density of 272,7/km ². The population density amounts to 643,3/km ² (1,666, 1/mi ²).

The race distribution of the city amounts to approximately 79% white, 2% Afroamerikaner, 1% Indian, 4% Asier,2% of Pacific islands, 9% of another race and 3% of two or more races. 20% of the population are scarce Latin American or Spanish origin.

The average income of a household amounts to in the city 36,944 dollar, oneFamily 45,140 dollar and the Pro-Kopf-Einkommen 20,752 dollar. Men earn 31,511 dollar opposite women with 26,403 dollar. 15% of the population live under the poverty border, on it are 18% children younger than 18 and 8% 65 years and older.

sons and daughters of the city

Salt Lake City Capitol, Sitz des Supreme Courts und des Parlaments
salt Lake town center Capitol, seat of the supreme Courts and the parliament

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