Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí, 15. Juni 1934 in Paris, Fotograf Carl van Vechten
Salvador Dalí, 15. June 1934 in Paris, photographer Carl van Vechten
Fotografierte Decke des Dalí-Museums in Figueras
photographed cover of the Dalí museum in Figueras

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí (* 11. May 1904 in Figueras, Spain; † 23. January 1989 ebd.) was in surrealistischer painter, writer, sculptor, stage designer and actor.

  • With Dalí each doubt is impossible: it provocatively with pure Sexualität, codes. (Patrick Waldberg)

Salvador Dalí ranks among the most important Surrealisten and often becomes as one of the largest masters20. Century seen. Its artistic work expels it as one of the most creative painters of its century. Its most frequent topic is the world of the area, the intoxication, the fever and the religion; often one finds its in its paintingsMrs. Gala (gest. 1982) again. Dalís admiration of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco leads often to controversies during the evaluation of its person and its works.

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Salvador Dalí und Man Ray, 15. Juni 1934 in Paris, Fotograf: Carl van Vechten
Salvador Dalí and one Ray, 15. June 1934 in Paris, photographer: Carl van Vechten
Salvador Dali 1951 taken up of PhilippeHalsman. Picture title:In Voluptas Mors

Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí y Doménech became at the 11. May 1904 in the Calle Monturiol in Figueras, a city in the province Gerona in the north of Spain, as a son of an outstanding notary born. The name Salvadorone had originally given to his brother. This had died however nine months before Dalís birth. Up to the birth of its sister Ana María Salvador was the only child of the family. By the civil society and the education of his father was impressedaus de Ordnungssinn del ein del und de Sicherheit del nach de Wunsch del ein del Salvador del bei, dar el sollte del sein del bestimmend de Leben de los späteres del sein del für.

Already in its childhood the eccentric vein became Dalís apparent. So is it regularly its Exkremente in the entire dwelling distributedhave to receive, which into bright riot shifted its family and brought it into the benefit, all attention. Whether this negative or positive nature was, did not seem to interest it thereby.

From 1914 to 1918 Salvador Dalí in that becameAcademy of the brothers of the Maristenorden in Figueras educated. There it was occupied particularly with its personality, to who it sought to lend appearance expression by its exterior.

1921 decided Dalís father, after Salvador a successful exhibition of its pictures in Figuerashad to send it on the school academy in Madrid. There he discovered a completely new way of life, which he accepted with twitching. In Madrid he became acquainted with Luis Buñuel, Federico García Lorca and Pedro Garfias .

it admitted itself of 1922the theories „of the metaphysical school “of the painting, which were led by Giorgio de Chirico and Carlo Carrà. Due to a rebellion Dalí was excluded one year from the academy.

1924 came it in Katalonien to unrests, with those to Salvador DalíWrongly as leaders one accused and one condemned. It was punished later with a second reference by the academy and even with prison.

1925 it to the Madrider academy returned. Here he dedicated himself above all to the writings of the psychiatrist Victory mouth Freud. It realized Dalís first single exhibition in the gallery Dalmau, Barcelona, and the evaluation of the local art critics failed quite positively. Afterwards it traveled to Paris, in order to visit Picasso.

1926 were finally referred Dalí by the academy of arts.Later it revealed influences from the Kubismus and the works Picassos in its second single exhibition.

1928 was issued for the first time in the Carnegie of institutes by Pittsburg in America the two pictures by Dalí „Anna Maria “and „sitting young girl from the rear “.

1929 undertookDalí its second journey to Paris, while which it followed the there group of the Surrealisten. Later in this year André Breton , René of liking rides , Paul Eluard and its Mrs. Helena visited it, called Gala: a Russian Immigrantin,with the 10 years younger Salvador unsterblich fell in love. Dalís of advertising attempts were from success: Gala remained with it. 1932 could it be separated officially from its man, which became church wedding with Dalí however only 1958 carried out.

1934First journey to the USA owing to a 500-$-Darlehens von Pablo Picasso.

1940 - 1948 stay in the USA. Acquaintance among other things with the writer Maurice Yves Sandoz, its books it illustrates

Dalí in the time of 1927 to 1979 took partdifferent illustrations, books and a Autobiografie wrote, turned films, painted pictures and organized exhibitions. In the year 1964 it became as Franco trailers for its earnings/services in the art with one of the highest medals of Spain, the large cross of the queen Isabella ofSpain, excellently.1974 were opened the Dalí museum in its birth city Figueras.

1981 were determined with it the park in on illness with strong Tremor. 1982 died his Mrs. Gala. Since 1983 Dalí lived alone and withdrawn in its lock Pubol, where in Maythe yearly its last painting “the dove tail” developed. Its state of health permitted it no more larger efforts.1984 suffered Dalí with a fire in its bedroom heavy burns.

Dalí died to 23. January 1989 at heart failure. On own desire it becameburied in the crypt of its theatre museum in Figueras. As inheriting it used the Spanish state.

social position

already early stated Dalí sympathy for the regime of the Francisco Franco („Franco, I believe, is probably the onlyintelligently one today in politics. “) and also for Adolf Hitler. Dalí again and again expressed excessive praise praising over the Spanish dictatorship and scoffed at their critic. This attitude culminated 1975 in a telegram at Franco, in which Dalí itsCongratulations for the execution of four anti-fascists expressed and determined, it had to give still much more Exekutionen.

The Surrealisten around André Breton already excluded Dalí because of its per fascist attitude 1934 from its rows, which these in its Aplombopposite many contemporary artists encouraged („the Surrealismus am I! “).

In the USA Dalí resemblance with the confession found to be anti-communist. Politics scientists such as Vincente Navarro accuse Dalí, after the return from the USA its former, left-oriented friendswith the regime to have denunziert.

Dalí was in addition, admits for its sumptuous life-style and its love of gain, which he verhehlte: „Salvador Dalí, myself, is very smell, and of loves tremendously money and gold. “

work (selection)

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Foto aus dem Dalí-Museum in Figueras
photo from the Dalí museum in Figueras




Dalí museums

Dalí-Museum in Figueres
Dalí museum in Figueres
eine Abbildung Dalís auf einer Häuserwand in Lima,Peru
an illustrationDalís on a house wall in Lima, Peru

Salvador Dalí is an only artist, for whom there were two museums, which were dedicated exclusively to its works already during lifetimes. The first museum, the Dalí museum in pc. Petersburg in Floridabecame in the year 1971 of the Dalí collecting tank A. Reynolds Morse and his Mrs. Eleanor based. The collection was issued first in a building in the proximity of its residence in Cleveland , Ohio. In the year 1982 the museum pulled after pc.Petersburg in Florida over. It accommodates 95 Ölgemälde, including six that altogether 18 large sized history paintings Dalís.

The second museum, the Teatro Museo Dalí in its hometown Figueres in Spain, was the earlier theatre of the small municipality. 1974 left Dalí itto an own museum changes, in order to appreciate themselves and to make from it again one point of attraction for humans. The reason, why it selected straight this building, is simple: In the year 1918, when Dalí was 14 years old,there its first exhibition took place. After around 1850 theatres built by Roca i Bros was destroyed by a fire toward end of the Spanish civil war 1939, Figueres' mayor Ramon Guardiola suggested 1961 Dalí establishing there a museum.To 28. September 1974 was opened it and tightens since then millions of visitors.

In Spain years two further museums of the public are accessible since center of the 1990er, in which Dalí was considerably involved. It concerns thereby thatLock of Púbol, which was since 1970 the domicile of its wife ( 1930 it already promised it to furnish a lock only for it) and after its death 1982 for two years also Dalís residence, and the house in haven Lligat, Municipality Cadaques, a small fishing village the close Spanish-French border. After he bought the Fischer hut 1930, he arranged it ever further ago and after the USA stay Salvador and Gala drew in 1948 there.

Further exhibitions move by the whole world.


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read recommendations

  • Salvador Dalí “one becomes Dalí” in such a way; Biography; Bound; 1985; ISBN 3811841076
  • Salvador Dalí “why does the hole in mineHand not pain? “Collection of texts div. Dalíaussprüche - and breaks; Hardcover paperback + CD;ISBN 3933663083
  • Salvador Dalí “the secret life of the Salvador Dalí”; Autobiography; Original 1942; Expenditure for anniversary 2004; ISBN of 3829601336


Wikiquote: Salvador Dalí - quotations
  • “oneOne will have to admit daily officially that what we baptized reality is a still larger illusion than the world of the dream. “
  • “My Schnurrbartspitzen is radar antennas, with whose assistance I receive during the day everything, which in the world around meproceeds and one thinks. “
  • “Without Schnurrbart a man is not correctly tightened.”
  • “There are many fools, who do in such a way, as if would be clever it. Why shouldn't a clever be allowed to do in such a way, as if he would be a fool? “
  • “In the parting is thoseBirth of the memory. “
  • “The two largest strokes of luck, which can happen to a painter, are: 1. To be Spaniard, 2. Dalí to hot "
  • “at the age of six years I wanted to be cook. With seven Napoléon. Since that time and my ambition constantly grew,just like my size illusion. “
  • “There are no Surrealismus - the Surrealismus, that am I!”
  • “Of all beautifulnesses of the human body there is the testicles, which have the largest effect on me. ”

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