Salvador de Madariaga

Don Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo (* 23. July 1886 in A Coruña/Spain; † 14. December 1978 in Muralto with Locarno/Switzerland) was a Spanish diplomat and writer.


to 23. July 1886 was born Madariaga as a son of a baskischen officer. It completed its school attendance in Madrid at the Instituto del Cardenal Cisneros. As 14-jähriger he came to Paris, where he studied mechanical engineering between 1906 and 1908 to the École Polytechnique. It locked this study with a diploma. Still in the same year it registered to the École of the Mines for engineering sciences. It terminated this study as the best one of its class.

Already during its study Madariaga began to work besides as a journalist. It maintained this activity, when it found 1911 in the administration of a railway company in Madrid its getting along.

1912 married Madariaga the Scottish Wirtschaftshistorikerin Constanze archie soon. With their it had two daughters, Nieves and Isabel.

1916 terminated Madariaga this activity and went as correspondent to Time to London and remained until 1921 with this newspaper. Subsequently, he worked as free writers and journalist.

1927 accepted Madariaga a call after Oxford and took over a chair for Spanish literature. To the proclamation of the Spanish republic it returned immediately to its homeland. He was selected into the national assembly and went in May 1931 as an Ambassador to Washington.

In the years 1932 to 1934 he was an Ambassador in Paris. Parallel to it it between 1931 and 1936 member of the Spanish legation were with the Völkerbund.

1936 emigrierte Madariaga after Oxford, where he taught the next 40 years at his former college. When 1970 its wife died, Madariaga still married in the same year Emilia Rauman.

1949 it was one the CO founder of the Europakolleg in Brügge.

1972 went to Madariaga into Switzerland and established themselves in Locarno . Only after the death of general Franco it - besuchsweise - returned to Spain. There it gave its inaugural speech with forty-year old delay at the Spanish academy of the language in Madrid.

Salvador de Madariaga was distinguished 1973 with the Karl price, which he received for contributions to the European idea and the peace in Europe.

At the age of 92 years Salvador de Madariaga y Rojo died to 14. December 1978 in Muralto with Locarno in Switzerland.

He is the grandfather of Javier Solana.

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