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Wappen von Samnaun
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canton: Grey federations
district: Inn
BFS NR.: 3752
postal code: 7563
coordinates: 46° 56 ' n. Break.
10° 21 ' o. L.
Height: 1 ' 846 m and. M.
Surface: 56,18 km ²
inhabitants: 819 (31. December 2004)
Karte von Samnaun

Samnauna municipality is in the circle Ramosch, district Inn at the east edge of the canton grey federations in Switzerland. The municipality consists of the five villages Compatsch, Laret, plan, Ravaisch and Samnaun.

Samnaun operates over the mountain burr and the border a unitedSkiing area with the municipality Ischgl in the Land of the Federal Republic Tirol, Austria. It is one of the largest skiing areas of the east alps. The municipality counts 788 inhabitants (at the end of of 2004).

Das Samnauner Skigebiet
The Samnauner skiing area

the mountain region Samnaun was to be achieved in former times only from Austrian national territory. Therefore one has therea customs union area establishes. Also today still one can refuel and buy duty-free, although meanwhile also a road leads exclusively on Swiss territory after Samnaun.

This special situation led in 19. Century to the fact that Samnaun gave the traditional RA-gate-Omani language up and, contrary to remaining German Switzerland, where Alemannisch is spoken, a Bairisch - Tiroli dialect assumed. For this reason the vocabulary of the 'Samnauner of dialect also not seized by the dictionary of the Swiss-German language to separate of the dictionary of the bairischen dialects in Austria.

Samnaun was long time a popular goal forSmuggler. In Ischgl there is therefore today still another smuggling association, which keeps the tradition upright.

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coordinates: 46° 56 ' 40 " N, 10° 21 ' 36 " O


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