Samuel H. Goldstein

Samuel Habakuk Goldstein, also SAM H. Goldstein or Sam Goldstein (* 17. June 1937 in Frankfurt at the or), Swiss physicist.

The family Goldstein pulled into the 1940er - year into Switzerland, where it spent its childhood. It studied first political sciences, afterwards at the ETH Zurich physics and at the University of Berne right.

In the USA Goldstein with the physicist smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Feynman and the ethnic German Oskar welfare co-operated . The latter had in the German rocket program participated and later in Bavaria wounded who ago from brown into the USA gotten. It is also for basic research at loudspeakers among other things at the welfare designated after it air motion Transducer admits.

To 11. April 1980 created Swiss Sardec AG engaged Goldstein already soon as a chief developer. it joined 1982 as a member A25910 of the audio engineering Society. March 1983 he presented in the middle of at the congress of the AES the reference loudspeaker CH-2. Its tube amplifier G-50 excited 1979 in the European audio technical literature attention. Since the need was far larger in the USA, it pulled with the company into the 90ern to the Lombard Street in San Francisco.

With weapons he came into Salisbury, Rhodesien into contact, when he developed the broadcast net in this British colony. Afterwards it made first scientific investigations over weapon oscillations in the 80's. First it copied the realizations Swiss of the physicist Guido J. Water, which is considered as a father of the modern oscillation measuring technique at runs.

Later Goldstein with him co-operated. To the DAGA reported it 1989 on “optimization of a silhouette pistol under aspects relative to vibration and thermodynamic ". It developed thereby on the realizations of water and Lanceler.

As the stronger and quieter variant to the cartridge,300 Whisper he developed the “,338 Water drop”, with the 300 gr. - Projectile (like a falling water drop) with the tail in front flies. In Germany the cartridge in the number 8-1997 in the DWJ was published. Afterwards it disappeared fast in a national laboratory.

In the new millenium he worked on flow measurements at Laufmündungen. From this resulted a special form, which admits as goldsteinsche bell became. As summary of its weapon work in the number 8-2004 in Swiss weapons magazine of the articles “run oscillations” was published.


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