Samuel Johnson

Samuel Johnson.

Samuel Johnson (* 18. September 1709 in Lichfield, † 13. December 1784; because of its gel honouring SAMness usually Dr. Johnson mentioned, although he did not carry a doctor title) was an English scholar, writer, a poet, a critic and a Lexikograph. It is after William Shakespeare the usually-quoted English author.


Samuel Johnson became to 18. September 1709 in Lichfield, Staffordshire born, studied one while in Oxford, saw itself however for financial reasons in a forced manner, still before end of the study the place of a Unterlehrers at oneto assume free school in Leicestershire. But already soon it gave this place up, in order to earn as translators and writers its maintenance. Thus it translated Lobos journey to Abessinien from the French, for which it received however only 5 Guineen fee. 1735 he married a widow,the 800 Pound of Sterling also into the marriage brought, and it created an institute for pupil in Birmingham. When this enterprise failed, it went 1737 with one its pupil, to the later famous actor David Garrick, to London, over there the tragedy Irene sealed by itto specify, which did not glückte it however. It published now for the Gentleman's magazines parliament speeches. Admits became it also by several poems, which it wrote during this time, e.g. the satire London (1738), an imitation of the third satire of the Juvenal, in which it the vicesand foolishness of the English capital with joke and irony geisselte. Followed: The debates of the senate to lily PUT, actually commentated excerpts from the speeches of the most famous members of parliament of the time at that time; a outstanding biography over the poet smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Savage (1744), with which it was friendly;furthermore the famous Dictionary OF the English LANGUAGE (1755, 2 volumes), already the 1758 in 6. Edition appeared and to today all similar encyclopedias over the English language affected. Johnson published occasionally also the spirit-rich magazines The Rambler (1750-1752) and The Idler (1758-60).And 1759 appeared its political-teachful novel History OF race-read, Prlnce OF Abyssinia.

Only 1762 freed it a pension suspended by the government from 300 Pound of Sterling from the acute money scarcities, for which he itself by two flight writings of political contents of, The False alarm (1770) and ratingNO Tyranny (1775) thanked you. Into this time also its expenditure Shakespeares (1765, 8 volumes) falls, which became epoch-making in the Shakespeare literature and in the history of the literarhistorischen criticism at all. Although Johnsons characteristic of the Shakespeare drama betrays the then dominant French influence, in particular alsoopinion of the moralisierenden tendency of the civil play (“piece of agitating ), divided by Denis Diderot, then breaks through his Shakespeare view nevertheless on the other hand to date usual critical opinions of the age. While Johnson in the antique writers sees the high “art” represented, he sees in Shakespeare, similarlylike John Milton, the poet of “nature”. Johnson was also first in England, which did not condemn Shakespeare because of the mixture of the tragic one and amusing one and because of its neglect of the “unit in such a way specified of the place and the time”.

Samuel Johnson, painting of Joshua Reynolds

The fruit of a journey to Scotland and to the Hebriden in the year 1773 was its Journey ton the Western Isles OF Scotland (1775), which entangled it however because of the doubt about the authenticity of the seals Ossians, expressed therein, into a violent feud with James Macpherson.Still at the age, with 70 years, Johnson wrote the biographies of English poets (The live one OF the Most eminent one English Poets, 1779-1781) for a collection of the English classical authors. It died to 13. December 1784 and was buried in the Londoner Westminsterabtei.

Special earnings/services acquireditself Johnson also by its close relations with olive Goldsmith, which it released by the sales of the manuscript of its Vicar OF Wakefield from the debt detention.

The opinions Johnsons noted by one its Bewunderer , James bad-wave, minutiös and after its death as The would runOF Johnson publishes.

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