San Diego

San Diego
pointed name: America's Finest town center
situation of the city in California and San Diego County
base data
establishment as city: 1834
state: The USA
Federal State: California
County: San Diego County
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 32° 46 ′ 46 " N, 117° 8 ′ 47 "W
32° 46 ′ 46 " N, 117° 8 ′ 47 " W
time belt: Pacific standard Time (UTC -8)
- Metropolregion:
1.287.050 (2005)
population density: 1.456, 4 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 4 m and. NN
surface: 963.6 km ²
of it 840 km ² country
lengththe beaches: approx. 112 kilometers
of city arrangement: 8 urban districts
postal zip codes: 92101-92199
preselection: 619 (Downtown), 858 (suburbs in the north)
web page: [1]
mayor: Jerry of Sanders

San Diego is the second largest city in the US Federal State California and the seventh-largest in the USA. The city1.264.000 inhabitants have and lie in the southwest of California the close border to Mexico. San Diego is principal place of the district of the same name, San Diego the County.

Because of the pleasant climate San Diego of its inhabitants is called gladly America's finest town center. The beachesabout the Pacific enjoy with Surfern of large popularity.

San Diego is however more than only a Surfer Paradies. The city became in the last years to one of the most important centers of telecommunications - and Biotechindustrie.

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Klimadiagramm San Diego
climatic diagram San Diego

San Diego for instance a half because of an artificial harbor basin at the south point is of California, about 2 ½ autohours south of Los Angeles andHour north of Tijuana, Mexico. In the west the city is limited by the Pacific ocean. In the east mountains form as well as the Anza Borrego desert park a natural border. The city continues to expand ever in the interior. In the south it reaches already nearly up to the Mexican border.

The climate in San Diego is called frequently „perfectly “. The annual average temperature is with 21° C, the average monthly amount of precipitation only with 24 mm. The winters are generally mild with an average temperature of 14° C.


the area today's San Diegolong time was inhabited by the Kumeyaay Indians. To 28. September 1542 goes with the Portuguese Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, in Spanish services, the first European ashore. This explains its discovery as the possession of the Spanish crown and calls it San Miguel. The southernCalifornia was at that time part of the Spanish colonynew Spain “.

The next Spaniard, who visits the region, is Sebastian Vizcaino. On behalf Spain it segelt the west coast along, in order to kartografieren these. In November 1602, at the holiday in honours of San Diego deAlcalá, he reaches San Miguel and gives to the place its current name, San Diego.

1769 Gaspar de Portolá a military post establishes and to the Franziskaner Junípero Serra the first California mission, mission San Diego de Alcala. 1774 follows the first settlers and 1775 follow a rebellion of the natives. In the consequence of these events the priest and two further persons are killed. 1776 return Junípero Serra and organize the reconstruction of the mission. 1797 are San Diego de Alcala the largest mission in California also over 1.400 attachedNative.

1822 become Mexico of Spain independently, new Spain and thus also San Diego go at Mexico. 1834 are explained San Diego as the city and the first elections to find instead of. Juan Maria Osuna wins against Pio pico and becomes a first mayor.

1838 lose San Diego aftera drastic decrease in population the city status again. Due to the Mexican-American war San Diego goes 1850 to the United States, as the city and as the seat San Diego of the County is explained. Joshua Bean becomes a first mayor.

1869 releases local of gold finds a boom. In its consequence becomesSan Diego 1885 attached to the national Eisenbahnnetz. End of the 1880er years dies down gold fever , the population San Diegos falls from 40.000 to 16.000 inhabitants.

1915/16 San Diego the Panama California exposition accommodates.

1917 bring the First World War numerous military mechanisms to San Diego.

1927 start Charles Lindbergh with mirror-image-guessed/advised the OF pc. built in San Diego. Louis from later the airfield to its legendary transatlantic flight, designated after it. In San Diego the aircraft industry begins itself to establish.

After the attack on Pearl Harbor shifts the United States Navy 1941the headquarters of their Pacific fleet to San Diego. During and also after the Second World War now the army coins/shapes the townscape San Diegos and releases a proper boom. The army becomes the most important employer.

After the end of the cold war the operational readiness level of the military takessubstantially off. Since then the Biotech and the telecommunications industry boomt in San Diego.


Karte von Südkalifornien mit San Diego und Los Angeles
map of south California with San Diego and Los Angeles
  • mission Beach
  • Ocean Beach
  • Pacific Beach
  • Clairmont
  • POINT Loma
  • Downtown
  • Hillcrest
  • North park
  • Kearny Mesa
  • Linda Vista
  • Mira Mesa
  • Oldtown
  • Shelter Hill
  • La Jolla

(list not completely)


Skyline of the city

beside the army are telecommunications and the biotechnology industry the most important branches of industry.

The ascent San Diegos to one of the most important centers of telecommunications is closely connected with agony COMM. The 1985 of Dr. Irvin Yak-generic terms created company contributed its head office in San Diego and considerably to the fact that San Diego to the world-wide „CDMA - capital “became.

San Diegos Biotechindustrie ranks under the three most meaning biotechnology centers of the USA.

The number of the persons employed lay in the region SanDiego 2003 with 1.481.400, the unemployment ratio with 4,3% (California 6.7%). 2004 the service sector with 509.500, followed from the state with 206.600, registers most employees the retail trade with 137.000 and the processing industry with 103.900 employees.

culture & sport

the football teamSan Diegos are the “Chargers”, the baseball team the “Padres”. Both kinds of sport until 2003 in a common stadium, the “agony COMM stage” plays was delivered. Since 2004 the Padres orders the “PETCO park” over its own stage, in the middle in the city center of San Diego.

San Diego ordersin addition over several universities, the most well-known of them is the university of California, San Diego, a musical theatre, an opera house and a Philharmonic Concert Hall, since 2003 owing to a donation of $100.000.000 by agony COMM - the founders Dr. Irwin Yak-generic terms for one the best Symphonienthe country grows.


Gaslamp Quarter
Gaslamp Quarter
Point Loma
Balboa Park
Balboa park

San Diego is a popular goal for tourists. The attractions are among other things:

in the environment lie among other things the places:


Downtown San Diego mit dem Marine-Flugplatz im Vordergrund
Downtown San Diego with the naval airfield in the foreground

the Naval cousin Coronado in the bay before SanDiego is beside Norfolk, Virginia, the largest naval basis of the USA. It is home port of the three aircraft carriers USS Nimitz, USS John C. Stennis and USS Ronald Reagan, several amphibious attack ships and other warships of the Pacific fleet. To the naval basis also those belongs Naval air station North Iceland, the homeland of a large number of airplanes of the navy.

On the Naval submarine several submarines are stationed cousin.

Also navy the Corps maintains mechanisms in San Diego.

At the 11. May 1962 became in the context of the operation Dominic I inWater of the Pacific in only 400km distance to San Diego a nuclear weapon with the code name Swordfish tested.

sons and daughters of the city

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