San Francisco

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San Francisco
pointed name: The town center by the Bay
seal map
Siegel von San Francisco Karte von Kalifornien, San Francisco hervorgehoben
base data
establishment: 1792
state: The USA
Federal State: California
County: San Francisco
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 37° 46 ′ N, 122° 25 ′ W
37° 46 ′ N, 122° 25 ′ W
time belt: Pacific standard Time (UTC-8)
- Metropolregion:
744.230 (1. July 2004)
population density: 6,151 inhabitants for each km ²
Height: 0-282 m and. NN
surface: 600.7 km ²
of it 121.0 km ² country
city arrangement: 64 urban districts
postal zip codes: 94101-94188
preselection: national: 415
internationally: 01149
web page: of
mayor: Gavin Newsom
satellite photograph (1999)

San Francisco (German San Francisco) is a city and a Metropolregion in the US Federal State California at the west coast in the United States of America. With 744.230 inhabitants it is the fourth largest city of California. It is considered as the “most European” of all cities in North Americaand beside cities as for instance Sydney, Zurich or New York as metropolitan city in the global comparison.

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geographical layer

the city is because of the northern point of the San Francisco peninsula, which locks the bay southwest from San Francisco and becomes in the west of Pacific, in the north of golden the gate and in the east of the bay limits. In the south the 300 m high twin peak, those are appropriate for lot Pechos de la Chola of Spanish mission arene due to their appearance „“, too German „the cheststhe Indian girl “, were called. San Francisco is also famous for its hills, which are called starting from 30m height of “Hill”. Are 42 pieces generally speaking city. Because of the partly very steep roads became the Cable Cars of Andrew SmithHallidie develops. “Bark OF the Bay”, how it is also affectionately called, is one of the most important ports at the west coast of North America. This meaning attained the city by the Naturhafen protected by the sea. In the bay of San Francisco liethe well-known, today only prison island Alcatraz, fishing rod Iceland, Treasure Iceland and further small islands, as well as the far all on islands in the Pacific, serving as museum.


the proximity of the city for San Andreas distortion results in a increased risk for Earthquake. To 18. April 1906 took place the so far heaviest earthquake . It raved from San Juan Bautista to Eureka and had a strength of 7,8 on the judge scale. Due to fires and breakups became at that time a majority ofSan Francisco destroys.

Panorama photo of San Francisco after the earthquake 1906

The Loma Prieta earthquake from 1989 was to today the last large quake in the region. It had substantial effects on parts of the city. Many roads and Freeways were damaged. That Embarcadero Freeway, at the northern side of the city, is the quake completely to the victim pleases and was torn off. Parts of the upper roadway of the two-story Oakland Bay Bridge fell on the underlying level. In addition major League baseball became - play that World Series between San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics interrupted. Experts fear besides a still larger earthquake than from 1906.

Market Street von Twin Peaks aus gesehen
To Market Street seen by twin peak out

city arrangement

see in addition also the administrative arrangementof San Francisco. As in many American cities it gives a Japantown and a Chinatown. The Chinatown of San Francisco forms one of the largest Chinese quarters outside of the People's Republic of China. Also there is a vietnamesische municipality in the quarterTenderloin, Philipinos in Crocker Amazon, an Italian municipality in North Beach, a French Quarter, an Irish and Russian municipality in the smelling moon District. The original hispanische mission District one of the oldest quarters is, he was one of the 21 missions, throughthe Spanish mission acres were created. Russian Hill refers its name of Russian Trappergräbern, which one had discovered during gold fever.Haight Ashbury attained its celebrity into the 1960er as one of the most prominent accumulations of Hippies. The Castro stands for thoselargest concentration of homosexual ones in America. The largest afro American municipality is southeast the Bayview and Hunters POINT. Smelling moon, at the west side of the city north golden gate the park, is essentially coined/shaped of asiatic Einwanderen. South the MarketStreet, which runs as one of the few roads crosswise, lies the quarters Soma (South OF Market), admits for its galleries and art activities.

Klimadiagramm San Francisco
Climatic diagram San Francisco


the situation at the coast of the Pacific affects the nearly mediterraneClimate considerably. It is all year round unusually mild with cool, nearly rain-free summers and warm winters. The daytime temperature in the summer is enough from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius, whereas it seems to freeze in the winter never. Most precipitationfall between November and March. In addition, San Francisco is notorious for the morning nebula clouds, which pull from the sea over the hills. These develop, if the warm air and the cold air of the Pacific coming from the inland mix andalso, because the USA do not have west east mountains. The summer temperatures are significantly lower than in other parts of California. It is always advisable to carry a jacket or a sweater forward. The warmest month is here often September.


Indiani settlement and first Europeans

historical map of San Francisco

original were settled the bay of San Francisco by the Indian trunk of the Travianer Muwekma Ohlone, to in 19. Century were nearly exterminated.

In 16. Those sent centuryto explore Spanish conquerer two expeditions northward around the western coast America.Hernán Cortés had discovered and called one „peninsula between gulf and ocean “it California. The official discovery began with Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo 10 years later. Althoughmany discoverers, as for instance Sir Francis Drake, already in 16. Century the area explored, was discovered the entry lying usually in the fog to the bay only 1775. Starting from 1776 the first Europeans in the area of the today's city settled. Spanish one Military and mission acres created the today's church mission Dolores to 29. June at a lagoon, which they called Nuestra Senora de Dolores loosely, as the Presidio at golden the gate. The mission acres designated the city following thatHoly Franz of Assisi with San Francisco de Asís, who led later to Saint Francis. Close convenient settlement was given the name Yerba Buena. The Mallorquiner Junipero Serra originating from Petra led at that time the establishments of mission, and becomes this very daymuch admires.

In the year 1792 the British researcher George Vancouver a small address created close Yerba Buena (the later Downtown of San Francisco). It became a starting point for European and Russian fur dealers, pioneers and settlers.

19. Centuryand modern times

by the Mexican-American war came the city 1846 into the possession of the USA. San Francisco experienced its first large upswing by the 1848 gold fever beginning in California. By this gold fever that kept its name golden to gate. The populationincreased thereby from approximately 900 on over 20.000 in only one year. In the surrounding field of the mission soon more Irish than Spanish gravestones were set up. Many ships were given up by their owners and suffered average in the port. Around new place toocreates, decided one, the ship wrecks too uses themselves to make and filled up the port with earth and debris. Large parts of the today's city center are built on this Landfills. In this time the city developed also to the economical centerof California. Banks - as for instance the Wells fargo bank - and also many other considerable enterprises in San Francisco were created, e.g. Levi bunch & cost. and Ghirardelli Chocolate company.

Pictures of the destruction afterto the earthquake 1906, taken up from a car eastward along the Market Street drives.
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The later emperor Joshua Abraham Norton moved 1849 with a starting capital from 40.000 $ from South Africa after SanFrancisco. Its wealth, which it made by real estate transactions, playful it until 1859 again. By speculations failed and bankruptcy wanted to take the things now to Norton into the hand and appointed themselves short hand to 17. September 1859 in letters onthe local resident newspapers and politicians themselves to the emperor of America and protectors of Mexico. It „governed “21 years long and issued imperial edicts.

In the morning 18. April 1906 was devastated the city by an earthquake and the following fire.Usually the number of victims on 700 becomes estimated, some sources indicates however a three to four times higher number. The mission building got over the earthquake without damage, so that it is today the oldest building of the region. (See San Francisco earthquakeof 1906)

Into the 1930er years those were eastward finished placed golden to gate Bridge northward and the Oakland Bay Bridge. Thus the entrance to the city had been highly simplified, and thus the population could do again an enormousIncrease register.

1939 took place on the Treasure Iceland „golden the gate internationally exposition “( the world exhibition). It was up-poured particularly for the exhibition beside the Yerba Buena Iceland. After the exhibition it became from U.S. - Navy until 1996 as baseused. Today one works on a use for new purposes for the public.

1945 took place the postwar conference, which brought the Charter of the United Nations and the UN into being. San Francisco is considered as establishment place of the United Nations.

In the sixties of the20. Century became the city a center of the US-American 68er-Bewegung and the Gegenöffentlichkeit. The Hippie - movement celebrated 1967 in the buzzer OF Love their high point in the city. Volume such as Grateful DEAD, Jefferson airplane and Janis Joplin affectedlastingly the skirt music world-wide. This became relevant by the proximity of the Berkeley - Campus of the University OF California. Authors such as Timothy Leary, Phil K. Thickly or lived Robert Anton Wilson there in this time. Scott McKenzies admission of the,by John Phillips's written, Songs San Francisco (Sure ton of Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair) was an hymn on the city of that time and a world hit.

Since the 1970ern increasingly homosexual ones pulled into the city, in particular into that Castro District. The city applies until today as „the “city of the homosexual ones in the USA, and Queer Politics has today large influence on the urban policy. This time is extensively described also in “city stories” by Armistead Maupin.

End of the 20. Century was the city and the nearby silicone Valley center of the economic upswing of the information technology. During the Dotcom - booms into the 1990ern pulled ever more software companies, entrepreneurs and marketing experts to San Francisco and affected the social landscape seriously.Formerly poor worker quarters changed themselves too “IN” - areas and drove the real estate prices up.

inhabitant development

Chinatown in San Francisco

San Francisco possesses altogether 744,230 inhabitants according to the estimation of 2004. With 6958,45 inhabitants per square kilometer is itone of the most closely populated cities of the United States. The members of the population are white according to own data to 50%, 31% of asiatic origin, 14% are Latin American and 8% of African origin. Contrary to the usual distribution inmost areas of the world live in San Francisco more men than women. The relationship amounts to 103,1: 100.


since the 1960ern and the buzzer OF Love have themselves the city to the liberal center of the USA andchanged to the center of the democratic party (United States ). This rather on the left of oriented political attitude shows up also in a regulation from the spring 2006, in which carrying, possessions and selling Feuerwaffen was forbidden within the city.

City flag of San Francisco

the coat of arms animal represents a Phönix, which up-arises from ash. This was selected following the devastating disaster of 1906. Under the Phönix the saying stands: “Oro EN Paz, Fierro EN Guerra”, which somuch means how: “Golden in the peace, steel in the war”.

partnerships between cities

culture and objects of interest

Skyline von der Bucht aus gesehen
Skyline from the bayseen
golden gate with bridge, San Francisco in the background
Das Museum of Modern Art, SFMOMA
the museum OF decaying kind, SFMOMA
Cable Car
Das Exploratorium
the Exploratorium
Seelöwenkolonie am Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39
sea-lion colony at the Fisherman's Wharf /Pier 39
Panoramablick San Francisco vom oberen Ende der Lombard Street
panorama view San Francisco of the upper end of the Lombard Street

San Francisco is considered this very day asCenter of the US-American Gegenkultur. The HIPPI movement outgoing from here questioned those to its opinion after sense-emptied prosperity ideal of the white central layer.


church there are churches apart from the mission still further Sakralbauten worth seeing in the city. Those Cathedral OF Saint Mary OF the Assumption to the Gough Street, Cathedral Hill, impresses from the inside and outside the viewer. The 2,500 places, which arrange themselves around the altar in a semi-circle, offer the Gläubigen in rather spartanisch the equippedChurch place for fairs. The central dome, which extends over 15 floors in airy heights, is supported by prop columns. The walls can consist thus of glass and lend an airy seeming to the place of worship. The church was inaugurated 1971 andreplaces the old Saint Mary church, which was destroyed 1962 by a fire. The new building cost approx. sieve millions dollar. 1987 celebrated here Pope Johannes Paul II. a fair, when it stayed to attendance in the ore diocese San Francisco.

Those Grace Cathedral, a Episkopal church, is on Nob Hill. She was built in the year of gold fever 1849 as small chapel. The third church, which Grace “Cathedral” was called for the first time, was destroyed with the large earthquake of 1906. The railway baronand banker Crocker bequeathed his property after the disaster of the neighbouring municipality. The work for the today's building began 1928. Lewis kind of main header built it in the French-gothical style. The 1964 completed cathedral are the third biggest Episkopal church in the USA. Allegedlyit is to be earthquake-proof built by its reinforcing steel construction.

The Catholic Cathedral OF Saint Mary OF the Immaculate Conception to the California Street is the oldest church in the Roman style at the west coast of North America.

operas and theatres

1923San Francisco Opera of Gaetano Merola (1881-1953) was created. The first premiere, it was specified La Bohème, found to 26. September 1923 in town center Civic auditory instead of. Nine years later the Emsemble moved into its new head office andopened the evenly established was Memorial Opera House with a performance of Tosca to 15. October 1932. Are successfully specified to today many productions.

The legendary Great American music resound to the O'Farrell Street became 1907 after the largeQuake establishes. Up to the large depression 1933 in the United States it was successfully led. Only 1936 brought to Sally edge new life in resound. 1948 were converted the house into a jazz club. Into the 1950ern the building purged increasinglyand 1972 were retained by fans in last minute before the outline. In the last three decades the Great American music was resounds with music fulfilled, it arose many artists, begun with Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan and COUNT Basieto Van Morrison, the Grateful DEAD and Bobby McFerrin.

The American Conservatory Theatre to the Geary Street is the largest not commercial theatre of the city. ACT was created 1960 and offers works from classical to contemporary.

The Bill GrahamCivic auditory at the corner Grove and Larkin Street came out from exhibition building of the Panama Pacific internationally exposition of 1915. The auditory seizes to the 7000 visitors. Many concerts and meetings found here in run their existence instead of. Similarly howto mill OF Fame in Los Angeles Bronzemedallien by excellent artists into the soil input area are let in here.

Bill Graham opened a skirt dance palace at the corner Fillmore and Geary Street to 1965. Then 1968 pulled the dance palace into the formerCarousel Ballroom to the Market Street over and called itself from then on Fillmore west. At the same time the Fillmore East took up its enterprise likewise to the New Yorker Second Avenue.


San Francisco is alsomany and famous museums and exhibitions gesegnet.

  • The notorious island Alcatraz accommodates a museum, which retains the history of the island. It was in the process of its use location for the first lighthouse, a away and state prison. To reach is the island with ferries of jetty 39
  • the Exploratorium, it was opened as the first Science center 1969, in the Palace OF Fine kind is a modern experimentation laboratory for small and large children.
  • The California Academy OF Science (1853), thatNature-historical museum with simulated earthquakes, is to the Howard Street. The museum opened all year round. You attached are stone hard that aquarium , which in golden the gate park was again established.
  • The telegraph Hill and the 64 m high Coit Tower, with grandiosem view of the city and the bay of San Francisco. An absolute “highlight” and must for each traveler.
  • The Asian kind museum offers art treasures from Asia, which originate from one period from 6,000 years
  • The Cable Car museum shows the emergence and function of the Cable Cars
  • in the center for the kind Yerba Buena Gardens is three galleries with contemporary art, restaurant and theatre
  • of the The Californian Palace OF the Legion OF Honorits collection of European works of art and particularly works of French artists
  • San Francisco museum OF decaying kind ( SFMOMA) shows offers to the visitor modern art with changing exhibitions. It accommodates also the most extensive work collection of Paul Klee.
  • The Wax museum hasan exhibition delighted by Wachsfiguren of famous
  • personalities de Young museum in golden the gate
  • park of the Palace OF Fine kind, a building in the neoclassical style, to the Panama Pacific Expo of 1915
  • the away Mason is a former military area. Todayit is headquarters that golden gate national Recreation AREA, the local vehicles management.
  • The Comic kind museum accommodates Comics and Cartoons as only of its kind in the USA. It possesses over six thousand exhibits of Comics over Cartoons and early newspaper Stripsup to animations.

Beside the well-known and famous museums San Francisco has to offer also some skurrile representatives of this kind. The museum of antique vibrators about, or an exhibition, the Barbra Streisand is dedicated occupies the characteristic to this city.

[] If objects of interest

work on

  • the fact that old, no more used storage halls in the dockland not come or not be torn off must shows the quarter of Fisherman's Wharf with its cafes, taverns and restaurants.
  • Jetty 39, some of Fisherman's Wharf, is an all-season Rummelwith souvenir shops, roundabouts and restaurants
  • the aquarium at the jetty 39
  • the sea-lion colony at the jetty 39 is considered as landmark of San Francisco. The animals established themselves on landing places and to use these as quiescent places.
  • The Market Street with their business andDepartment stores loads for strolling in.
  • The Cable Cars is one of the recognizing characters of this city. Today only three lines drive. They serve mainly as tourist attraction, less than means of transport. For interested one additionally a Cable Car museum was built.
  • One of the few One can admire curve escalators in the department store of North river to the Market Street.


world-famous those is golden gate Bridge over golden the gate, the opening of the bay the wound part flower-decorated of San Francisco, as well asthe Lombard Street. Worth seeing also the view of the Pacific is - coast of the Highway 1.

In addition:

  • The Spanish mission Dolores, the oldest building in the city. Based to 9. October 1776 of the Fransiskaner Padre Junipero Serra.
  • Transamerica Pyramid: A landmark of the city with sales and office space, it was established into the 1970er in the Financial District.
  • Painted Ladies “:A road course with historical houses at the Alamo Square, in those formerly gambling dens and brothels were operated and now alsotheir maintained fronts on the Skyline under-paint the view.
  • The Cannery:An old tinning factory of the company Del Monte, beside Fishermen's Wharf a further routistic high point at the northern side of the city. It resident also the museum for urban history. In the summerarise in the yard artists and volume in the open air.
  • Of the haven OF San Francico remained the old port building, the Ferry Building, at the end of the Marketstreet. Built around 1898 from this in former times the ferries went to goals at that fromBay. Today in the restored condition, it serves as weekly market.
  • The town center resound, delighted in the years 1912 - 1916, are „the city hall “of the city. It is from white granite and in the style the Peter cathedral was had a feeling for.
  • The telecommunication tower on the Sutro Hills, after that the 24. Mayors were designated of San Francisco.

parks and places

as the first the enormous gate park with Botani garden , Planetarium, Japanese dte garden and aquarium is naturally goldento mention. It serves the San Franciscans as urban local recreation area. The Yerba Buena garden was established to centers at the beginning of the 1990er years on the roof of the Moscone North convention. It accommodates a monument for Martin Luther King, jr.. InSummers take place here open air - meetings. The Alamo Square lies in the west of the city and extends over four of block. Admits is this park by the viktorianischen houses, The painted Ladies, still from that the 19. Century come. Thatthe oldest park of the city is the Buena Vista park. It was put on already 1867, and is in the quarter Haight Ashbury. Here also The Pan is acts to find, an extension golden gate of the park. On the city plan seesit from like a pan handle. In the middle in Downtown is the union Square with its noblen and noble business. In addition public beaches are, e.g. at the Pacific coast. the Baker Beach, which is used of the population also as local recreation area.


no Naturdenkmal in the sense of the German nature protection law, but salient landmark: the twin hills twin peak in the south of the city. The closer environment offers many small „nature miracles “: the Pacific coast, the Weinbaugebiete Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley,the Redwood trees in the Muir Woods national Monument in the north, the beaches Moon Bay and the POINT helped of the Reyes national Seashore with the pictorial lighthouse.


San Francisco is homeland of two teams in the US-American professional leagues

celebrations and holidays

13. - 16. January. International art exhibition 19. January. Anniversary of the arrival of the Seelöwen 11. Febr. Chinese New Year 1. April. Pc. Stupid parade 9. April. International beer celebration 21. April. - 5. MayInternational film celebration 28. - 29. May Karneval 11. - 26. June. Ethnotanzfest 12. June. Haight Street fair 19. - 20. June. North Beach celebration 25. - 26. June. Colossus weekend 25. - 26. June. San Francisco Pride. 1.Aug. - 17. September. AfroSolo art celebration 7. - 18. September. Fringe festival 23. - 25. September. Blues festival 24. September. LoveParade 25. September.Folsom Street fair 19. October. - 6. Nov. Jazz festival

meal and drinking

in San Francisco are, by which meeting inhabitants with various cultural Hintergünden firmly embodies, also their culinary traditions. From the asiatic area are those above allthe Japanese and different Chinese kitchens, further also the Korean, vietnamesische and Thai. Beside the light California kitchen there are also Italian, Danish, Russian, Mexican and German restaurants.

By the situation at the Pacific ocean in particular fish is and othersSea fruits on the bills of fare. Thus it e.g. gives at the Fischerman's Wharf crab kitchens. Crab soup in Sourdough Bread offer. This Sourdough Bread (sour paste bread), which was introduced during the gold grave time from Europe - and the gold graves the pointed name Sourdoughregistered - became a speciality of the city. The Sourdough SAM, a full bear tiger man in Goldgräbermontur, is the Maskottchen the American football crew San Francisco 49ers.

literary life

one 1947 organized festival OF decaying Poetry justified thoseliterary movement San Francisco Renaissance. Here the avant-garde of the American literature is represented.

secondary literature and press


the following of works obtain a good impression of the city at the respective time:


the magazine landscape in San Francisco is vielfältigt like its inhabitants. Here only some important publications are mentioned.

San Francisco Chronicle,the most important daily paper of the city, was created 1865 of Charles and Michael de Young as theatre magazine. 1868 converted the owners it into a daily paper. Beside the local messages also topics from the entire region are covered.

That San FranciscoExaminer was bought by William Randolph Hearst 1887. Thus it put the foundation-stone for its Zeitungsimperium. The newspaper is today still competitor to the SF Chronicle.

Left San Francisco Bay Guardian, the SF Weekly and San Francisco BayView appear in smaller edition weekly.

The appearing monthly magazine Rolling Stone magazine became 1967 of Ralph J. Gleason and Jann Wenner in San Francisco based.

The Undergroundpress was formed 1965 as free press organ, and set the tradition of the free,pluralistischen press away.

Jones is MON ago one 1976 created respectable, investigatives magazine, which Michael of moorlands managed 1986 as a publisher. This very day the editorship puts the emphasis of its investigations on the machinations of the large companies and the military.

Beside the largeand there are well-known magazines naturally also much publications for the different ethnical groups as for instance the Chinese sings Tao DAILY one, which was created here 1976. Ebeno are also many national publishing houses and magazines, as for instance the Financial Time,TIME represent magazine, The Economist and the Newsweek, here with an expenditure for regional.

economics and infrastructure


San Francisco are seat of some large enterprises as for instance Levi bunch of cost, GAP, Wells Fargo Bank and George Lucas 'company Industrial Light and Magic. The city is considered as financial center of California. End 20. Century settled companies that new Economy here. A large employer in the region is also the U.S. - Navy, which here someBases maintains. Regionally in close convenient Napa and Sonoma Valley wine are cultivated by international rank. Since 2005 San Francisco is the head office of the California main cell research program. Thus the city positions itself as research center of the biotechnology and biomedicine.

Work on []


San Francisco has a pronounced public transportation network, which is operated by San Francisco Municipal Railway (MUNI ) for American conditions. Beside partial historical streetcars from all world, penalties and the underground those operate in some roads of the city Cable Cars, rope-pulled streetcars from that 19. Century. There are nowadays three Cable Car lines: The California LINE, the Powell Mason LINE and the Powell Hyde LINE. At the earliest common picture of San Francisco with its steep hills the Powell Hyde LINE approximates.

The roads ofSan Francisco are regardless of the geological procurementnesses predominantly schachbrettförmig put on. That is called it run directly over the hills. Therefore many roads are extremely steep. So parking cars for safety reasons must have knocked their wheels to the roadside into driving direction. AfterThe north is San Francisco connected by golden the gate Bridge with that marine County, eastward over the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge with Oakland.

Driving connections to the adjacent places at the bay are offered by the Embarcadero. The region eastto the bay of San Francisco AREA can be reached rapidly transit (BEARD ), the San Francisco peninsula and the silicone Valley is connected by CalTrain with San Francisco with the Bay. That San Francisco air haven [ SFO] is international to of Los Angeles thatmost important international airport at the US-American west coast. It is to 12.9 km south somewhat outside of the city directly because of the bay. The location was up-poured particularly for the airport in the bay.

The port of San Francisco, haven OF San Francisco,long time was the largest and geschäftigste at the whole American west coast. The jetties became however with the arising from containers to small and thus redundant. The entire Container-Umschlag was paged out after Oakland on the opposite side of the bay. Are enoughThe jetties purged to time. They were partly sold by the city. Until one deliberated oneself and aroused some jetties, as for instance Pier39, to new life. Today only few jetties and the port building at the end are that of the old portMarket Street remaining. Since the jetties are complete from wood, constant fire risk exists. End of the 1990er burned down actually also one of these old buildings.


in the Presidio of San Francisco are Internet archives with 40Billion web pages (2005). The Presidio emerges in the star Trek universe, from genes Roddenberry, as fleet head office of the federation of the united planets.

Some well-known films, which were turned in San Francisco, are Is' which, Doc?, Basic Instinct, Edtv, Mrs. Doubtfire, star Trek IV: Back into the present, Vertigo, Dirty Harry, Presidio, Metro, bulletin CCIT, The skirt, 10,5 - the earth trembles and Hulk. Several films,like for example escape of Alcatraz, Alcatraz play on the close convenient prison island.

Among the most well-known series, which play in San Francisco, the roads of San Francisco, rank Nash Bridges, fill House, Monk, Dharma& Greg, Falcon Crest and Charmed.



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