of these articles refers to the Generikaunternehmen Sandoz belonging to Novartis. For further meanings see Sandoz (term clarifying).

Sandoz is a pharmaceutical enterprise with seat in wood churches (Upper Bavaria).


the company Sandoz 1886 in Basel based of Alfreds core and Edouard Sandoz (father of the writer Maurice Yves Sandoz) to the production of coloring materials. 1895 were manufactured for the first time a pharmaceutical substance. The further details to firm history are under to find: Novartis, section Sandoz.

Sandoz fused 1996 with the Ciba to the large concern Novartis.

In May 2003 the different Generika was summarized - enterprises of the nut/mother company Novartis under the uniform name Sandoz with company headquarters Vienna. This new Sandoz employs world-wide approximately 13,000 coworkers and obtained 2003 an annual turnover of USD 2.9 billion.

The enterprise is arranged into three divisions - Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals and Antiinfectives. The line of business Pharmaceuticals developed and produced finished medicaments, which are sold to wholesale dealers , pharmacies , hospitals and other medical mechanisms. The unit Biopharmaceuticals, 2002 furnished, developed and produced genetically produced pharmaceuticals. Antiinfectives develops and produces pharmaceutical active substances and intermediate products for Pharmaunternehmen in the whole world.

In February 2005 Novartis transferred the Hexal AG and Eon lab. From the integration in Sandoz the second largest gene Eric ah creator with a pro forma conversion of USD results 5.1 billion (2004) and over 20.000 coworkers. The company headquarters was shifted 2005 to that the Hexal after wood churches. To 7. June 2005 communicated the conclusion of the assumption of the Hexal AG to Novartis.

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