Sandra Day O'Connor

Sandra Day O'Connor (* 26. March 1930 in El Paso, Texas, the USA) is an US-American Juristin. It was from 1981 to 2006 as a first Mrs. Richterin at the highest Court of Justice (supreme Court) of the USA.

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Sandra Day O'Connor and Ronald Reagan, 15. July 1981

O'Connor became in El Paso in Texas as a daughter of the Ranchers Harry A. Day and Ada Mae Wilkey born and buildup on the Ranch the family in Arizona . There she became acquainted with the normal work in the agriculture apart from riding also . 1935 sent their parents it into a Privatschule for girls after El Paso. There it lived with its grandmother. Large one after longing the Ranch drove it however briefly again back to its parents.

It visited the Stanford university, where it 1950 the Bachelor - conclusion in economics made. Afterwards it visited the renowned Stanford Law School, where it made its Bachelor in jurisprudence. It showed large abilities and locked the course of studies in two instead of the usual three years and belonged additionally to the three best students of the conclusion class. At this school she became acquainted with also its later man Jay O'Connor , which she married briefly in the same year after her conclusion.

Despite these outstanding results she did not find employment, possibly, because she was a woman. However a place as a secretary was offered it. Therefore it went into the public sector and worked themselves for the public prosecutor's office in the San Mateo County. This work gave it up 1954 and pulled to Frankfurt/Main, where it worked for the US army. 1957 left it Frankfurt again and went into the Maricopa County. In the same year she got her first son. In the following years she got two further sons and worked therefore no more full time. This did not hold it however to attend to different legal activities. It became simultaneous for the republican party actively. 1965 became it assistant of the prosecutor general (Assistant Attorney general) of Arizona. Four years later it became member of the senate of Arizona.

Supreme Court

resignation letter O'Connors at George W. Bush

to 7. July 1981 suggested Ronald Reagan it for the supreme Court as a successor for in June the separated Potter Stewart and nominated it officially to 19. August. To 21. September confirmed the senate it and to 25. September 1981 was sworn in O'Connor. She was thereby the first woman in this institution. The next Mrs. came only 1993 with Ruth of baths Ginsburg.

At the 1. July 2005 withdrew it from its justiceship at supreme the Court. As a successor George W. nominated Bush at the 3. October 2005 Harriet Miers. To 29. September 2005 became John Robert, who had been originally nominated as a successor O'Connors, as highest judges (Chief Justice OF the United States) and successors in the meantime of the deceased William H. Rehnquist swears in. O'Connor became in the long run to 31. January 2006 replaced from Samuel Alito in the office.


during the presidency elections 2000 came it to discrepancies during the being correct counting in the crucial Florida. It was correct for the completion of the new counting and made thereby George W. possible Bush the assumption of office to 20. January 2001.


  • „The Changing OF the Circuit Justice “, 1986
  • „Swinford Lecture “, 1985
  • Sandra Day O'Connor and H. Alan Day: Lazy B: Growing UP on A Cattle Ranch into the American Southwest, 2001
  • The Majesty OF the Law: Reflections OF A supreme Court Justice, 2003

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