Sandra Maahn

Sandra Maahn (* 16. April 1968 in Munich) is a German television host

Sandra Maahn visited the school in Lueneburg and Hamburg, where them were very active as a national pupil spokeswoman for education and peace-political topics. Afterwards it volontierte with the Hamburg one private Radiosender “ok radio” and changed then into the message editorship of RTL 2. After establishment of the private TV-station “Hamburg 1” Sandra Maahn moderated the message and the discussion row from 1995 to 1998 “to guest with….”. Subsequently, she transferred the presentation of “Brigitte TV” in the pool of broadcasting corporations. Since June 1999 presentation of the daily NDR transmission THAT! (in the change with Bettina Tietjen and Inka cutter) as well as the transmissions „coastal stories “and “horse stories”. Since autumn 2003 it is active in addition as Ringsprecherin for the monthly Spotlight Boxing Galas, which will transfer fromeuro sport “.

Sandra Maahn is divorced, has two children and lives in Hamburg. She is the niece of the German rock singer wolf Maahn.

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