Sandra min mink

Sandra min mink (* 7. April 1973 in Gedern) is dentist aid and a successful German Fussballspielerin. The Abwehrspielerin is active since 1992 in the woman federal league and in the woman national team.

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sporty career

association football

your football career began with 6 years with the SG Usenborn. 1989 changed it to the TSG bleaching brook. From 1990 to 1999 it was active with the FSV Frankfurt. There she collected her first successes as German Meisterin and Pokalsiegerin.

Afterwards it played sport friends for one season with victories. Largest successes on national level arrive to it after the change at the 1. FFC Frankfurt. There it became three times Meisterin and once UEFA Cup Siegerin.

In the year 2003 it played together with Steffi Jones in the USA in the woman professional Mrs. (WUSA) for Washington Freedom.

Since 2004 play it for the sports club 07 bath new-feed.


  • UEFA Cup Siegerin 2002 with that 1. FFC Frankfurt
  • German Meisterin 1995, 1998 with the FSV Frankfurt
  • German Meisterin 2001, 2002, 2003 with that 1. FFC Frankfurt
  • German Pokalsiegerin 1992, 1995, 1996 with the FSV Frankfurt
  • Founders Cup Siegerin 2003 with Washington Freedom

national team

your international match debut had it 1992 against Yugoslavia. In the course of the years it became defense player inside world-wide one the best. It is considered as very purposeful and duel strong.

Sandra min mink achieved the bronze medal with the olympic plays in Athens 2004.

2005 became it the fourth time in consequence Europameisterin with the woman national team.


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