Sandy Denny

Sandy Denny, actually Alexandra Elene MacLean Denny (* 16. January 1947; † 21. April 1978). British singer and Songschreiberin. It was member with fair haven Convention and Fotheringay and sang also together with LED Zeppelin and the Strawbs.

Sandy DennysMusic reaches partial from British-celtic people music over the Folkrock of the 1960er and 1970er years up to very urgent self-compositions with classical influence. It plays thereby piano or guitar. Usually their pieces are held in melancholisch balladenhafter tendency, can however quite also - particularly duringtheir time with the Strawbs - merry songful its. Even avant-garde seeming harmonies, as for instance on one of their interpretations of “The Quiet Joys OF Brotherhood” or into the jazz handing compositions like “gold Dust” or “Until The material Thing Comes Around” belong to their repertoire. Youmost well-known and probably best Song is the Folkballade “Who Knows Where The Time Goes” in the version with fair haven Convention. A hit it became however only by Judy Collins.

Their Songs is affected by the American Folk and peace movement. Are Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell the most important influences. Their roots however lie in the celtic people music, whose songs them already from child legs accompanied and which them interpreted in incomparable way and brought together with their volume into a form up-to-date.

Although it neveroutstanding international celebrity attained - to the earliest perhaps by its co-operation with “The Battle OF Evermore” on the fourth LED Zeppelin album and as Leadsängerin with fair haven Convention and Fotheringay - is the clarity of their voice and their moving interpretations in the entire BritishPop and Folkmusik until today unequalled.

Their Mitmusiker and friends and acquaintance at that time describe it as uncontrollable authority within the range of the music and as helpful and life-glad, however also humans very uncertain despite their outstanding talent, who they miss much.

Sandy Denny died at oneBrain bleeding in consequence of a stair fall at the age of 31 years.

It was married since 1973 with its volume colleague Trevor Lucas. 1977 were born its daughter Georgia. To its death Lucas moved to Australia. There it died in February 1989.

Dave cousin has its thatSong Ringing down The Years dedicated.

From Phil Lynott and Clann Eadair (Thin Lizzy) the Song “A of tributes tons of Sandy (Denny) comes”


  • 1967 The original Sandy Denny
  • 1967 Sandy Denny and the Strawbs
  • 1969 fair haven Convention: What incoming goods Didon Our Holidays
  • 1969 fair haven Convention: Unhalfbricking
  • 1969 fair haven Convention: Is appropriate and ran
  • for 1970 Fotheringay: Fotheringay
  • 1971 The North star Grassman and the Ravens
  • 1972 The Bunch: Skirt on
  • 1972 Sandy
  • 1974 Like at old Fashioned Waltz
  • 1975 fair haven Convention: Rising for the Moon
  • 1977 Rendezvous
  • 1986 'Who Knows Where the Time Goes? “4 LPs or 3 CDs
  • 1998 gold Dust (live)
  • 2005 A Boxful OF Treasures (5 CDs)


  • Heylin, Clinton: “NO More Sad Refrains” The would run and of Time OF Sandy Denny, ISBN 1900924358
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