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base data
country: Japan
region: Hokkaido
prefecture: Hokkaido
Subpräfektur: Ishikari
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 43° 3 ' N, 141° 21 ' O
43° 3 ' N, 141° 21 ' O
surface: 1.121, 12 km ²
inhabitants: 1.875.862 (1. September. 2005)
Population density: 1673Inhabitant for each km ²
postal zip codes:
preselection: 011
city arrangement: 10 urban districts
of the city administration:
Sapporo ski, Chuo ku,
Kita-1, Nishi-2
official Website:
E-Mail address:
Mayor: Fumio Ueda
of city symbols
tree: Rairaku (Flieder)
flower: Suez uranium (Convallaria)
bird: Kakkou (Kuckuck)

Sapporo (jap.: 札幌市, - ski) is the capital Hokkaidōs, the northernmost island of the Japanese archipelago.

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city arrangement

Sapporois divided into 10 urban districts (ku):

  • Atsubetsu ku
  • Chuo ku
  • Higashi ku
  • Kita ku
  • Kiyota ku
  • Minami ku
  • Nishi ku
  • Shiroishi ku
  • Teine ku
  • Toyohira ku


Sapporo was created 1869 as seat of the colonial administration Hokkaidōs, since that 19. Century to Japan belongs. Only into the 1950er years solvedit the nearby and clearly older Otaru than most densely populated city Hokkaidōs off. The city was planned, similarly as Kyōto or many American cities, in a chessboard sample.

Sapporos agricultural university, which was likewise created 1869 and at first in Tōkyō was resident, is particularly by theirfirst president, Dr.William Smith Clark, admits become. It was invited of the Japanese government as an advisor into educating questions. Above all the parting words at its students, from whom he had bekehrt many to the Christianity, have lasting impression to leave: Boys, ambitious! - Young, are ambitiously!

Sapporo possesses an underground system, which 1971 were taken in enterprise (see: Underground Sapporo)

in Sapporo the olympic winter plays took place 1972 , the first olympic winter plays in Asia.

Since that 28. August 1972 connects Sapporo and Munich a partnership between cities, there itin the same year aligned the olympic plays. Besides the fact that they are for instance on the same degree of latitude, connects the two cities like by the way also Milwaukee, and that all three cities are in their country the most well-known brewing places for beer.

Partnerships between cities

culture and objects of interest

view of Sapporo
landmark of the city: old clock tower
dinosaur from snow with the Sapporo SnowFestival
old station building of Sapporo, in kaitaku the NO mura

Sapporo is a relatively young city, whose few historical objects of interest the strong western influence betray during the Meiji restoration:

  • As landmarks the clock tower of the former valid meeting-resounds to the city to the agricultural university (s.o.). The Charter of the citybegins with the words:We are the citizens of Sapporo, where the bell of the clock tower rings.
  • Into the 1970er years as seat of the governor von Hokkaidō serving administration buildings from red clinkers, today to the museum re-designs.
  • In the same style built, with ivybewachsenen buildings of the old Sapporo brewery of 1876, which beer-resounds in the meantime to the largest Japan was transformed.
  • The development village (開拓の村 kaitaku NO mura), to visit a free air museum out completely in that restored old buildings Hokkaidō are.
  • the TV tower in steel framework construction way

Sapporos largest tourism event is the annually stattfindene snow celebration (雪祭り yuki matsuri), which took 1950 its beginning, when pupils and students in the Oodōri park built statues from snow. Today the celebration takes one week, and well a dozen becomes more enormous and hundred small snow and on three different areas Ice sculptures establishes, which attract hundredthousands visitors. Enormous means thereby: up to 10m highly and 30m broad, consisting of 1000 and more truck charges snow. Most frequent motive are more or less famous buildings from all world, those often on a scale 1:3 or 1:2 with all detailsare copied, only evenly from snow or ice.

In the year 2007 Sapporo aligns the nordische ski WM .

see also: Moerenuma park

of sons and daughters of the city

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