Sara Carter

Sara Carter (* 21. July 1898 as Sara Dogherty, † 8. January 1979) was an US-American Country - singer.

Sara was member the originals Carter Family, which played a prominent role in the Country music between 1927 and 1943. She married 1915 A.P. Carter. Later them May-barks Carter closed about ten years on, which was married with a brother A.P.s. The first formation of the Carter Family was complete thereby.

After their divorce of A.P. Sara married again and withdrew themselves for some years from the music business. 1952 did it again with their Exmann together. Together with their daughter Jeanette let it up-arise the Carter Family for short time again.

In the sixties Sara stepped together with May-barks on Folk festivals up, where they were enthusiastically celebrated as legends.


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