Sarah Connor

of these articles treats the singer Sarah Connor, a person of the same name existed in the film terminator.

Sarah Connor (* 13. June 1980 in Delmenhorst, Lower Saxony; actually Sarah Terenzi, born Lewe), is a German Popsängerin, which sings in English language.Its artist name “Connor” comes from Irish - American ancestors, who were called Connor.

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musical career/development

already with 15 years sang Sarah Connor in the school musical “line 1” and took singing instruction. She attainedfirst regional admittingness as Sarah Gray. In the year 2001 it achieved country widely large successes with songs under the artist name Sarah Connor such as Let' s GET bakes tons of Bed Boy and From Sarah With Love. 2002 became Sarah Connor in Berlin with the ECHO inthe category artist national skirt/Pop excellently.

2004 entered Connors song Bounce, which she had already published 2003 in Germany, into the American Verkaufscharts. In March it stood for a Duett with Natural, that with Just One load thanks - volume of their later married man Mark of Terenzi for one week at the point of the German Singlecharts.

Its single Living ton of Love You brought it in December 2004 again to to the point to the German hit parade. To 27. January 2005 became it in the German theatre Munich with the DIVA Jurypreis (German EntertainmentPrice) as music kindist OF the Year excellently. To 9. February kept it national in addition in the column Pop the golden camera. With the single From Zero ton of Hero, whatever title melody talk Nose Day was, created Connor it for the fourth timeone behind the other to the point of the German Singlecharts in March 2005. In addition it spoke the robot Cappy in the film Robots, to 17. March 2005 into the cinemas came.

To 21. March 2005 published it its fourth album Naughty But Nice. At the sameDay won Sarah the golden Bravo Otto in the category super singer International, to 6. October 2005 the Comet as a best artist followed.


Sarah Connor is the oldest of 6 children of the divorced married couple Michael and Soraya Lewe. It has 4 sisters(Sophia Luisa, Valentina, Marisa and Anna Maria), as well as a brother, Robin. One could see its sister Sophia Luisa in the music video to From Sarah With Love, which was turned in the east station of Budapest.

To 2. February 2004 brought Sarah Connor in Orlando (Florida) to theirSon Tyler Mark of Terenzi to the world. The civil wedding with Marks of Terenzi found to 29. February 2004 in Ganderkesee instead of.

In the summer 2005 pro filters showed nine consequences of the Doku Soap Sarah & Mark in Love, in which one Connor and Terenzi up to the their churchWedding with the camera accompanied. The wedding found to 18. August at the beach of Altafulla in close proximity to Barcelona (Katalonien) instead of.

At present the pair expects its second child, who is to come in the summer to the world.


at the end of of 2001 brought itself Sarah Connorinto the Bredouille, when it brought Udo Jürgens in the Harald Schmidt show thoughtlessly with a preference for „small young “in connection. Sarah said, her a rumor had mounted, and with an apology with Jürgens quite absurd history from the world could be created.

In January2002 stepped Sarah Connor in the show bets that.? up and its new song From Sarah With Love presented . Bei diesem Auftritt wählte sie ein transparentes Kleid und trug einen hautfarbenen Slip. The indignation about these naked facts struck some days long high wavesin the boulevard press.

In May 2005 Sarah Connor sang the German national anthem with the opening play of the new alliance arena in Munich. With that stylistic very disputed A-cappella - presentation occurred to it besides a serious textual error. It sang „Brüh in the light of this luck “instead of „flowers in the glossthis luck “.

2005 olive Pocher in its transmission “Rent A Pocher” the “Reality show” “Sarah & Mark talked nonsense into love”, which run both on the TV-transmitter pro 7. Thereupon Sarah Connor has its lawyers switched on around Pocher, which was a short while before still on its wedding, thisforbid to leave.



  • 2001: Green Eyed Soul
  • 2002: Unbelievable
  • 2003: Key ton of My Soul
  • 2005: Naughty But Nice
  • 2005: Christmas in My Heart

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