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Sarah Kirsch (* 16. April 1935 in Limlingerode, circle north living; actually: Ingrid Hella Irmelinde Kirsch, geb. Amber), is a German authoress. Their father was a communications mechanic.

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Sarah Kirsch spent its childhood and youth starting from 1937/38 in half. Their strong interest in nature expressed itself among other things in the fact that it began forest worker teachings, which broke it off however soon after the Abitur. From 1954 to 1958 it studied Biology in resounds (Saale) and attained the title to diploma biologies. 1958 became acquainted with it the poet Rainer Kirsch , with which she was married from 1960 to 1968.

Starting from 1960 it published lyric texts in Anthologien and magazines under the first name alias Sarah, it outProtest against the Jew destruction in the third realm had selected. In the years 1963 to 1965 it studied Johannes R. together with their man at Literaturinstitut “. Cup “in Leipzig. Starting from 1965 both lived as free lance writers in resound (Saale) and Sarah Kirsch becameMember of the writer federation of the GDR. 1965 published it together with its man the Lyrikband discussion with the Saurier, for which her both the Erich wine blank medal, which received art price of the FDJ. Two years later, 1967, it published then their first own poem volumeunder the title land stay.

After its divorce of Rainer Kirsch 1968 pulled it to east Berlin, where it 1969 its son Moritz (father: Karl Mickel) bore. There it was active as lady journalist, radio woman employee and a translator. 1973 published it the Lyrikband of spells as well as thoseProsabände the Pantherfrau and the tremendous save-high waves on lake. In the same year it became member of the board in the writer federation of the GDR. In the west of Germany one year appeared later a poem selection from the title it was this strange summer. There it Erstunterzeichnerin of the protest explanationagainst the deprivation of citizenship wolf of Biermann was, it 1976 from the SED and the writer federation of the GDR was excluded. In the year after, 1977, pulled Sarah Kirsch with their son to West Berlin.

1978 were it member of the PEN - center of the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as Stipendiatin that Mansion Massimo in Rome. 1980 wrote Sarah Kirsch as well as Günter Grass, Thomas Brasch and Peter Schneider an open letter at Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, in whom to critical handling the USA foreign policy one called. 1992 leaned it an appointment to thoseBerlin academy of the arts off, since this Unterschlupf would offer to former coworkers of the public security. in addition 1996 took over it the brother Grimm Professur at the University of Kassel and were 1996/97 Gastdozentin to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe university in Frankfurt/Main.

Since 1983 Sarah Kirsch lives in Tielenhemme, Circle Dithmar, Schleswig-Holstein.

poet place Sarah Kirsch

in its place of residence Limlingerode, today local part of [[high stone (Thuringia)|High stone)], 1998 a promotion association “poet place Sarah Kirsch registered association” were based, since 2000 Kirschs the birth houses, the former parsonage building, with means country the Thuringia, the GermanMonument donation Bonn rekonstuiert and the monument association Thuringia and 2002 as “poet place” opened. Sarah Kirsch was several times present to readings since 1997.




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  • discussion together with the Saurier (1965), poem volume, with Rainer Kirsch
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  • between autumn and winter (1975), Kinderbuch, together with Ingrid Schuppan
  • tail wind. Poems (1976)
  • music on the water (1977), selection volume
  • of winter poems (1978)
  • cat head plaster (1978), poem selection
  • filters of skins. Poems 1962-1979 (1979)
  • kite pastes (1979),
  • pro legend density Hans my hedgehog (1980), Kinderbuch
  • after the child and house fairy tales of the brothers
  • Grimm, with illustrations of Paula Schmidt of paper stars (1981), soil (1982) tones poems wind and shade,
  • together with the artist Kota Tamiuchi La Pagerie (1980)
  • , poems cat lives from Wolfgang von
  • Schweinitz (1984), poems
  • of Landwege. A selection 1980-1985 (1985), with an epilog of Günter Kunert
  • erring star (1987), Prosaband
  • book with poems of Sarah Kirsch and designs of A. R. Penck into the citizens of Berlin “edition painter books” (1987)
  • potpourri-roughly. A chronicle (1988), Prosaband
  • air and water. Poems (1988), alsoPictures of Ingo coolly
  • snow warmth. Poems (1989)
  • the tide (1990), selection, arranged of Gerhard wolf
  • swinging lawn (1991), Prosa
  • chaff (1991), picture diary
  • of Erlkönigs daughter (1992), poems
  • the simple life (1994), Prosaminiaturen and poems
  • soil lot (1996)
  • total expenditure, 5 volumes in the Schuber. (1999), at the same time in the German publishing houseMunich/Stuttgart (DVA) and in the German paperback publishing house (dtv)
  • Sarah Kirsch. When painting I stepped away (2000), art volume
  • swan love. Lines and miracles (2001), lyric miniatures
  • Iceland high, day fragments (2002), Prosa
  • comes the snow in the storm flown (2005), Prosa

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