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Inhabitant: City Sarajevo 297,512,
canton Sarajevo 401,696 Einw.
(Conditions 31. December 2003)
Population density: 2.470/km ²
preselects (n): +387 33
KFZ characteristics: since 1998 country-wide uniformly (to June 1998: SA)
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Sarajevo (serb. Сарајево, türk. Saraybosna; dt. also Sarajewo, becomes outdated to Werchwossen) is the capital and seat of the government Bosnia and Herzegowinas, the Bosniakisch Croatian federation (Federacije Bosne i Hercegovine /FBiH) and the canton Sarajevo.

The city Sarajevo has 297,512 inhabitants (2003), in the region Sarajevo, which the entire canton Sarajevo of the federation as well as the Istočno Sarajevo ( east Sarajevo , until 2004 Srpsko Sarajevo/Serbian Sarajevo), belonging to the Republika Srpska, covers, lives nearly450,000 humans.

In Sarajevo are a university and different other universities, theatre, museums and cultural facilities.

In Sarajevo annually different important Kulturmanifestationen takes place: the Sarajevo film festival, the jazz festival, “Baščaršijske noći”, the Kulturfestival “MEASURING” and “Sarajevska Zima”(Sarajever winters).

Directly east of Sarajevo lies the place Pale, which was during the last civil war the center of the Bosnian Serbs.

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numbers of inhabitants

year number of inhabitants
1991 429.672*/region Sarajevo 527.049*
2003 552,000/region Sarajevo 585,000
* according to census of 30. April 1991

during the war in Bosnia and Herzegowina was Sarajevo inone of the government Bosnia and Herzegowina controlled bosniakisch Croatian and one of the Republika Srpska controlled Serbian part divided. The part, to which among other things the city centre and the old part of town belonged, controlled by the government troops, became exactly 1,425 days ofthe army of the Republika Srpska come out from the former Yugoslav People's Army besieged and heftigst fired at. The FE storage of Sarajevo began to 5. April 1992 and is the longest FE storage in the history of the city. The town centre of Sarajevo was complete, each point in this area encircles lay from the surrounding hills and mountains in the visors that death contactors. The FE storage and the fights fell according to data of the government Bosnia Herzegowinas 10,615 humans, among them 1,601 children to the victim. By shells,Mines or snipers were partly heavily hurt approximately 50,000 humans.


Präsidentenpalast und Präsidentensitz von Bosnien und Herzegowina
president palace and president seat of Bosnia and Herzegowina

Sarajevo lies in the center of the country. The river Miljacka flows by the city and the river Bosna rises intowestern part of the city, in the municipality Ilidža.

The city centre lies 511 meters over the sea level. The suburbs are enough up up to over 900 meters. The city of surrounding mountains meters are high up to 2000.


Sarajevo is seat of a head of the Bosnian herzegowinischen Muslims, Metropoliten of the orthodox church and an archbishop of the Roman-catholic church.

In Sarajevo there is a multiplicity of different religions. In Sarajevo one finds mosques, churches and synagogs not far ofremoves each other. Therefore the city is called occasionally small Jerusalem or also European Jerusalem.

economics and traffic

Stadtansicht von Sarajevo
city opinion of Sarajevo

by the Balkans war the economy came into Sarajevo to succumbing, but the market in whole recovers slow Bosnia again.

1992 ago Sarajevo was the handels and industrial centre of Bosnia and Herzegowina, today gives it in the city nearly no active industrial complexes more. In Sarajevo is the automobile work “Volkswagen “(Tvornica Automobila Sarajevo),into which Volkswagen vehicles for the Southeast-European market to be produced.

Since 2003 Sarajevo has also its own motorway connection, which connects the city with the suburbs Ilijaš and Visoko (a development to Zenica and to Budapest is further in planning).

Itdaily railway connections after Zagreb, Zenica , to Budapest , gives Banja Luka, Doboj, Belgrade, Mostar and Ploče. To Budapest was again gotten in touch in the spring 2002.

The city is over a well removed net ofTo reach bus connections. Istočno Sarajevo drive penalty of Belgrade only into the Serbian part of the city.

As public means of transport exist in the city streetcar, trolley buses, mini bus and motorbuses.


airport of Sarajevo
the internationalAirport airport Sarajevo lies in the quarter Dobrinja. It had 2,600 m am enough for starting and runway and became to 2. June 1969 opens.

There are 10 daily connections to Munich, Copenhagen, Ljubljana, Vienna, Zagreb, Budapest, Milan, Istanbul and Belgrade.

German Lufthansa flies 30 since that. March 1998 Sarajevo from Munich daily on.

The airport during the FE storage of Sarajevo:

The Yugoslav People's Army occupied at the night of4. to 5. April 1992 the airport Sarajevo. In June 1992 the airport was transferred of the UNProFor. The airport became in the war 1992 - 1996 strongly damage. To 16. August 1996 it was opened again for civil traffic. 2001the new terminal was opened.

From June 1992 to 1996 the airport was used only by military aircraft. Humanitarian assistance for Sarajevo, foreign journalists, artists, politicians, negotiators, diplomats and inhabitants with UN pressing or UNHCR documents of identification were transported. The airport enterprise hung muchstrongly of the political goals and military activities of the Belagerer off. In truth however not the French blue helmets, but the Belagerer controlled the airport. Before the completion of the Sarajevo tunnel 1993 the inhabitants have the besieged city only over the startingand runway abandoned and to reach know. The airport became secured by Stacheldraht, ditches and far obstacles of the UNPROFOR. The fleeing inhabitants had to escape not only from the snipers, but also white UN-transport and Patroillenfahrzeugen, those crossing the starting andRunway to prevent wanted. The number of the victims and hurt on the starting and runway daily in the radio one communicated. Several marks during the FE storage organized the UNPROFOR for civilians of transportation over the starting and runway.


inSarajevo were delivered the olympic winter plays 1984. Sarajevo had applied for the olympic winter plays 2010, however as candidate city had not been considered. In the year 2009 Sarajevo will deliver the special olympic Winterpiele.

In this city there are two soccer associations, that Fiber plastics Sarajevo and Zeljezničar Sarajevo.

The basketball association Košarkaški club Bosna Sarajevo won the European championship 1979.

Of 26.02. to 04.03.2006 the 38 found. EFNS (European Forstliche Nordi ski championships) on the Langlaufloipe (mountain Igman) of the olympic winter plays of 1984 instead of. Presentthe high representative was Christian black Schilling. Participant: 750 Förster, forest worker, owner of forest and in the forest person employed from Europe.

a very beautiful, eastern coined/shaped old part of town (several mosques, Baščaršija place ) has objects of interest Sarajevo. The old part of town was rebuilt after the civil war.


  • Gazi Husrev Beg mosque - 1530-1531 of building masterAdzem Esija Ali builds
  • 16 for emperor mosque -
  • 1566 old persons orthodox church -. Century
  • academy of the forming arts (formerly Evangelist church) - 19. Century
  • university building - 19. Century
  • Despića kuća (Despića house, traditional house of a Serbian buyer family, today museum)
  • latin-hereditarymoves (formerly Princip- Bridge) - 1798
  • national library (Vjećnica - builds in 19. Century, in the civil war heavily damages)
  • national museum - 19. Century
  • Roman-catholic cathedral - 1889
  • orthodox cathedral - 1882
  • city market hall “Markale” - 19. Century
  • Sebilj (Turkish water well)
  • Skenderija sports center - 1969
  • Zetra (town hall)
  • hotel “Holiday Inn” - 1983 of Ivan Štraus
  • of university Universities of - 1986 of Ivan Štraus
  • the bad mark town center center is with 118 meters the highest multistoried building of the Balkans.

sons and daughters of the city

Twin cities

Sarajevo maintains partnerships between cities with the following cities:

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Coordinates: 43° 51 ' N; 18° 22 ' O


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