Sarit Hadad

Sarit Hadad (civil: Sarah Hodedtov; * 20. September 1978 in Chadera, Israel) is an Israeli singer.

With eight years it arose in a local club and played classical music on the piano. It brought itself among other things even organ, guitar, accordion and Darabuka . At the age of 15 it followed the Hadera Youth volume.

During its solo career Hadad published numerous gold and platinum albums and reached point placements in the Israeli Charts. In the year 2002 it represented Israel with Eurovision the Song Contest with the Song Light A Candle.

Sarit Hadad spent the largest part of its school time to the Democratic School OF Hadera.


  • Nitzotz hectar-Hayyim - Spark OF would run (1995)
  • Sarit Hadad -hofa'ah hayah -Tzarfat - live one in France (1998)
  • hectar-derekh she baharti - Road I Chose (1997)
  • Sarit Hadad -aravit - Sarit Hadad in Arab (1998)
  • Hok hectar-Hayyim - Law OF would run (1998)
  • Kmo Cinderela - Like Cinderella (1999)
  • mega+mix (1999)
  • hectar-hofa'ah - live ones in Heychal Hatarboot Tel Aviv (2000)
  • La'asot mah she ba left - Doing What I Want (2000)
  • Ashlayot metukot - Sweet illusion (2001)
  • Yaldah shel ahavah - Child OF Love (2002)
  • Rak ahavah taví ahavah - Only Love wants brings to Love (2003)
  • Chagiga - Party (2004)
  • measure music (2005)

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