Sascha pure ELT

Sascha pure ELT (* 11. October 1978 in Böblingen) is a German Hockeyspieler.

Pure ELT stood already as 14-jähriger in the junior national team of the German Hockey federation during it still with the SVB played. 1996 it denied its first international match in the national team of the gentlemen.

Here mouse ores itself pure ELT to a firm support of the crew and one of the best Stürmer of the country. So far it denied 220 international matches and obtained thereby 68 gates (conditions: 16. August 2004).

Its largest successes celebrated he 2002 with the profit of the Hockey world championship in Kuala Lumpur and the three European champion titles 1999 (and field resounded) and 2003. It won the bronze medal last with the olympic summer games 2004 in Athens with the German national team. Because of an injury it was no longer operational however with the last plays.

In the Hockey federal league pure ELT plays with the HTC Stuttgart kicker. 2005 it became with its crew of German masters.


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